WordPress Services for Better Conversion

We provide WordPress services for New/Existing WordPress users those who are using WordPress as their CMS or planning to migrate from other platform to WordPress.


WordPress Configuration

There are some important points which should be taken care at the time of installation of WordPress. We do all the basic setting changes specific to the site concept, site location, site audience and any other particular requirement. Also, you can choose from thousands of pre-made designs, we customize the themes as per the requirements so that it suits the site concept.

  • Create database required to install WordPress
  • Install the latest version of WordPress which can be use as a Blog or CMS. Specifying correct database prefix
  • Installation of theme depending on your sites niche and how you would want your site to look like
  • Create robots.txt file to guide search engine spiders indexing the pages of your site
  • Create and configure a sitemap.xml and sitemap.xml.gz to promote search engine rankings using a proper sitemap plugin
  • Proper permalinks configuration for good SEO of the site
  • Basic and essential plugins installation, would suggest you proper plugin for adding specific features as well
  • Complete comment spam protection solution
  • RSS feed subscription through Feedburner
  • Social network integration
  • Basic theme customization like placing the logo and static images and videos.
  • Help in learning how to use WordPress through detailed documentation and well managed support system
  • Hosting on any of the good WordPress hosting service providers.

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WordPress Hosting

For a long term site, the hosting service providers plays a major role. Think of a scenario where you worked too hard to complete an article but that is now not available to your visitors as there is some problem with your hosting server. That is really frustrating. That’s why we suggest some really good and professional hosting service providers who are specialist in this web hosting and WordPress hosting since a long time. We can suggest and configure the suitable hosting account (depending on usage and cost) and put the WordPress site on it so that it will perform under best circumstances.

WordPress Optimization

  • Image Optimization
  • CSS optimization
  • JS optimization and minification
  • Proper caching plugin implementation depending upon the site load
  • Plugins optimization, remove unwanted files loaded by the plugins on not necessary pages in the header
  • Reducing the number of http requests

This would help you reduce the page load time considerably, we have seen the results as three times faster and lighter websites.

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Custom WordPress Plugin

In case you need some custom functionality additional to normal blogs and static home page viz. events management or eCommerce platform or specific data on certain pages or custom page layouts or shortcode for specific functionalities, we can do that for you.

Other WordPress Services

We can suggest or install important and useful plugins on your blog. Plugins are add-ons developed by many developers on regular basis. You can achieve different things using different plugins. But the most important things is If you are hosted on shared server, you will have to check the server load and throttling to avoid suspension. To do that you need to install only optimized plugins which consumes less memory or customize the bulky plugins to consume less memory or server load. Below are some of the other quality services that we provide:

  • Plugins customization
  • Migration from other platforms like blogger to WordPress
  • Custom theme development (say based on a theme framework)
  • BuddyPress installation and theme development
  • Forum installation and customization
  • Upgrading WordPress to latest version
  • Fixing the broken WordPress site or plugin
  • WordPress multisite configuration
  • Server migration (say from shared to VPS/Dedicated or similar)

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WordPress Consultancy and Site Maintenance

In case you are not sure of a particular step you are planning to take on your WordPress site, you can drop us a query.  We provide paid WordPress consulting services. Also, you can hire us to carry out monthly maintenance of your WordPress site, for example, regular upgrading to latest version, check if the site is down and suggesting various new opportunities with WordPress platform that can be implemented on the site.

If you are already having a blog on blogger with domain name as sub-domain of blogspot.com, then we can migrate your blog to self hosted WordPress with 301 permanent redirect from last host to the new WordPress blog. This way you will not lose a single back-link and search engine juice developed for your older blog. Migration of a blogger blog to WordPress is a lengthy task and that’s why many of us leave our blog there only. But believe me, you get lot many benefits of having self hosted WordPress blog as you can host unlimited images, videos, content etc on your blog. You can customize it with social icons and increase the reach of your blog in many ways.

Why us?

  • We have build a WordPress Self Hosted blog “Internet Techies” which is having more than 1200 articles, 30 pages and more than 4,200 comments.
  • We have developed many free WP plugins (you can check our Portfolio section for more details)
  • Got donations from some graceful supporters because of our prompt support evidences