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Small to medium sized WordPress tutorials that will help you understand a particular functionality or a feature in WordPress or how to implement it. WordPress tutorials are easy guides for learning WordPress step by step.

How to Use Dashicons in WordPress as Admin Menu Icons

WordPress 3.8 introduced nice MP6 menu icons on dashboard which appear beside different settings menu e.g. Posts, Media, Appearance etc. These icons are not images but build with CSS. If you are a WordPress plugin or theme developer, you can use these icons to have a nice minimal MP6 icon for your product’s dashboard menu.… Read More »

How to replace WordPress Search with Google Custom Search

WordPress Search functionality needs many improvements but we can’t blame that as its developers are not search engine experts. For complete search results based on everything indexed and served as per the typed keyword, it is recommended to use Google Custom Search. It is a product of search giant so there is no question of its… Read More »

6 Ways to Declutter Edit Post Window in WordPress

Sometimes we have activated so many plugins & due to their meta boxes and options, the edit window distracts our mind while writing a post. Well, there are several options available to clean our edit window. This tutorial will elaborate the options to declutter edit Post Window in WordPress, make it clutter free for distraction-less writing where you… Read More »

10 WordPress Debugging Tools to Find Errors and Warnings

As a theme or plugin developer it is highly recommended that these developers must debug their code while working on it. Since they plan to release their products publicly, Debugging PHP code is part of any project. Thankfully WordPress comes with specific debug systems designed to simplify the debugging process as well as standardize code… Read More »

WordPress Installation via SimpleScripts

Popular web hosting service providers like Hostmonster, Bluehost etc. gives you cPanel where you can find SimpleScripts service icon to install application platforms in few clicks only. That way you save time in manually creating databases, FTP etc. for installation of applications. This is true for WordPress installation as well where you need to create… Read More »