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How to add CAPTCHA on Checkout page of Easy Digital Downloads

The market of Ecommerce has grown up vastly during the last few years. People can sit at home and buy any product from any brand directly on few clicks. WordPress CMS is too growing rigorously from some years with the wide range of WooCommerce themes and plugins available for selling products online. Along with WooCommerce… Read More »

How to add 2-Step Authentication in WordPress using Free Plugins

On installing WordPress for your website you get a default password with the option to change it to more stronger password of your choice. Passwords are the de-facto standard for logging in on the web but can be easily broken now a days. Even if you create strong passwords and change them regularly, but for easy access and… Read More »

What is Clickjacking Protection in WordPress?

WordPress 3.1.3 is released with lot many security fixes and enhancements. One of the added security feature is Clickjacking protection for modern browsers. So what is Clickjacking protection and how this added security is going to help WordPress users? Here is how you are going to get a security layer in your favorite blogging platform because of this Clickjacking protection.