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Download and Test WordPress 4.4 Beta 2

According to the blog submitted by Scott Taylor, he has announced the beta 2 release of WordPress 4.4 on 28 October 2015 for download as well as testing. Since the software is still in the development phase so it is recommended not to run it on the production site. In order to test WordPress 4.2… Read More »

WordPress 4.4 – All You Need to Know

One of the most popular blogging software on the market since 2003 is WordPress. Everyone agrees with the fact that WordPress is one of the most prominent CMS. Right from Website Management, SEO, Design for the website, Plugins, Multiple users are managed easily with WordPress. To give you a short statistics related to WordPress: The… Read More »

WordPress 3.4 brings Theme Previewer and Customization

WordPress as a blogging platform is really good to share thoughts, tips and experiences. At the same time, the setup and customization options in self hosted WordPress is getting better and better everyday. With the latest beta release of WordPress 3.4, you get in-built option to customize the theme template of your choice before implementing (activating) the same.

What’s New in WordPress 3.3 Sonny

WordPress 3.3 code name “Sonny” final stable version has been released and is available for download as well as update either from Dashboard or through FTP clients. It took 5 months for WordPress to release this new version as the last version 3.2.1 was released on July, 12. WordPress is an open source CMS where… Read More »