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How to Use WP REST API and Disable JSON REST API in WordPress

The WP REST API is a WordPress plugin that intends to be eventually integrated into WordPress’ core as another big  step towards transforming WordPress from a blogging platform/CMS into a full fledged application framework. While WordPress is currently a great choice for a broad range of applications, one area where it currently falls short is providing… Read More »

Restrict IP Addresses to Login on WordPress Dashboard

WordPress is the most popular CMS now and more than 22% sites run on WordPress. These numbers matter to hackers as well because they always try to hack the popular platforms. To avoid such hacking and create a shield around your WordPress dashboard, you can choose to ban or restrict selected IP addresses. Using server… Read More »

Review – Tweet Old Post WordPress Plugin

For a blogger it is very important to get maximum hits on his posts & acquire more traffic through all the possible ways. A blogger writes an article everyday. Some articles become popular while some get very average response. The posts having low responses seems to be dead! If you want to promote your posts… Read More »