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Cache WordPress REST API Requests to Increase App Speed

With WordPress 4.7, RESTful API is a part of the core and developers are going to use REST API for retrieving WordPress data in Mobile and Web Apps. REST API that is got from allows developers to communicate with the WordPress Core without using the website. For example, one can fetch your blog meta… Read More »

Auto Deactivate a Plugin on Another Plugin Activation

It is sometimes needed to deactivate a certain plugin while your plugin is being activated. The reason for it can be anything, like if two plugins are incompatible or if you are providing premium version of a free or lite plugin. So while activating the premium version you can automatically deactivate the free or lite version in the activation hook of the premium plugin.

Save Plugin or Theme Setting Options using AJAX in WordPress

Almost all of the WordPress plugins provide Plugins specific Options or Settings which provide an ability to the plugin user to change the default behavior of the plugin or specify some site specific values. You can very easily implement the Save Settings using AJAX functionality on your plugins Option Panel using this small code snippet.

How to Hide Broken Shortcodes in WordPress Post Content

Now-a-days almost all WordPress plugins and some of the advanced themes are offering ready to use and handy Shortcodes, that can be used in the post content to insert some formatted content. Often we use such plugin for a certain time period, use the Shortcode provided by the plugin in the post content and after some days we get some better alternative rather than using this plugin and now we wish we could deactivate the plugin and stop using it. But then what will happen to all of the shortcode insertions in the post content specific to this plugin?

Download or Upgrade to WordPress 3.1.1 Security Update

WordPress 3.1.1 is available to download or upgrade. This is a security and maintenance update covering around 30 issues and tickets raised by users. After WordPress 3.1 update, few people were seeing 404 error for posts using category in the permalink. And some users also reported issues with the newly added admin bar in WordPress 3.1.

Customization Guide for W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

To load your WordPress site pages faster, one should install caching plugin. There are lot many caching plugins available for self hosted WordPress, but the popular ones are W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and Hyper Cache. Here I will talk about the most downloaded and widely used W3 Total Cache plugin and will detail out the customization and features available in this plugin.

Compare Self hosted WordPress and as Free Blogging Platform

Are you planning to start a blog? I would highly recommend WordPress as blogging platform for non techie as well as tech savvy people. Matt Mullenweg and few other folks created WordPress back in 2003 which is now the best CMS platform awarded by reputed organizations. WordPress comes in two different versions and here is a comparison to help you select the best suitable for your blog.