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I spend most of my time around WordPress and related plugins. It is almost impossible to resist myself from sharing good tips, tutorials and updates related to the platform. After all, I am a blogger by passion.

WordPress Installation via SimpleScripts

Popular web hosting service providers like Hostmonster, Bluehost etc. gives you cPanel where you can find SimpleScripts service icon to install application platforms in few clicks only. That way you save time in manually creating databases, FTP etc. for installation of applications. This is true for WordPress installation as well where you need to create… Read More »

Authorship Markup rel=”author” tag coming with WordPress 3.2 in Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven Themes and Core

Google has announced that they are going to support authorship markup i.e. rel=”author” tag in website’s html. It will be a way to tell the search engine about the author of the content. Based on the data, Google can organize the author’s content in their index system and let people browse that from search results.… Read More »

What is Clickjacking Protection in WordPress?

WordPress 3.1.3 is released with lot many security fixes and enhancements. One of the added security feature is Clickjacking protection for modern browsers. So what is Clickjacking protection and how this added security is going to help WordPress users? Here is how you are going to get a security layer in your favorite blogging platform because of this Clickjacking protection.