About us

WordPress Optimus is a team of WordPress experts who knows the CMS in and out. 27% web is running on WordPress and there are thousands of website owners, businesses who depends on the performance of their website. WooCommerce WordPress plugin is one of the most used platform for eCommerce websites. WordPress is now serving many websites of popular educational institutes and even some banks. Many people feel that building a website is very easy with WordPress but still the site is not performing as per the expectation.

WP Optimus team will help you achieve the expected goal by fixing the painful areas. We believe that many developers who run their WordPress site are not good with marketing. Many People Relationship (PR) folks running their site and online businesses are not good with site issues and problems. Sometimes you will find business owners such as a company selling used cars not having good UI. You will find people selling really good products but missing the marketing part of it. Well, we are here to help on these areas.


WP Optimus was founded in 2012 by Sanjeev Mishra and Tejaswini, partnership turned into family business. Both are using WordPress since version 2.6 back in 2008 and since then they never looked back. Sanjeev is having expertise in Digital Marketing, SEO, Site Optimization and Product Architecture. His expertise on these domains are visible through the number of people visiting products and blogs. Sanjeev serves as CEO of Webfanzine, the parent company behind WP Optimus.

Tejaswini is the core WordPress developer and takes care of everything related to development and code. She knows WordPress code in and out and she can build a good working plugin in just few hours. She started WordPress development in 2009 and released her first WordPress plugin named Smooth Slider that year. Since then, Smooth Slider has been downloaded more than 600,000+ times and still she provides updates and support for that plugin. After Smooth, she released more than 10 plugins on WordPress.org repository and 25+ commercial plugins on different sites. She is the lead developer of SliderVilla and Documentor plugins.

We have enough expertise to fix your pain areas related to WordPress. Our mission is to make WordPress sites fast, friendly and profitable. Feel free to get in touch with us.