WordPress 4.0 Multisite Enhancements Like Shared SSL, Networks Inside Network

By | May 20, 2014

WordPress developers have started working on 4.0 release which is scheduled for August 2014. Expected features like Front-end editor, Media grid library are really awesome but this time, the focus is on Multisite (MU) as well. With WordPress 3.0, the MU and Single Site WordPress are merged together and you can enable network by making changes in wp-config.php file. It allows you to create a network of sites using the same wp-admin and wp-content folders.

There are certain issues or limitation related to SSL certificates and sub-domain/sub-directory network options and that’s why the 4.0 focus is to minimize those issues. Here are few prominent issues with the current version of WordPress MU.

Important Issues with WordPress Mullisite

1. Shared SSL Certificates doesn’t work on network sites

2. Setup Wildcard DNS for sub-domain network

3. Sub-directory or sub-domain options are confusing for people as well as for the performance of the site

4. Duplicate work or data for each site setup, no selected activation for plugins or themes

5. No Multiple Network (Network Inside a Network) option

6. Create Open network inside a closed network

WordPress 4.0 is expected to introduce shared SSL certificate option to access network sites as well as admin pages with secured access. There are more SSL improvements on its way for accessing network sites using domain mapping.

Networks inside a network is a very important features expected to come in WordPress 4.0. It will enable you to have sub-domain network (just like we do in current version) and then enable network inside that network as well. For example, the main site example.org will have network like sub.example.org and sub2.example.org. And then sub.example.org will have its own network like sub.example.org/net1 and sub.example.org/net2 and so on.

Sub and Sub1 network can have their own super admins and network administrator can activate or deactivate selected plugins or themes on each network. This is how single WordPress installation can become a vast network platform. Using Domain mapping, one can point different domains to different network and use or manage that accordingly.

Right now there are plugins available to solve few issues out of the ones listed above,

More updates on Multisite enhancements are expected in next few days. I will update this post accordingly.

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