22+ Best Plugins to Integrate Google Web Fonts in WordPress

By Editorial Staff | May 16, 2014

Tired of regular font in your blog? Want to switch to artistic Google Web Fonts? Well, It involves editing some theme files and I know everyone is not comfortable doing that.  If you don’t want to edit files then take a look at the following Best WordPress Plugins to Integrate Google Web Fonts in WordPress:

This article will give you a list of best & trustworthy plugins that will help you to implement web fonts in your blog posts.

Best WordPress Plugins to Integrate Google Web Fonts in WordPress :

1. WP Google Fonts :

The WP Google Fonts plugin allows you to easily add Google Web fonts from the Google Font Directory to your WordPress theme. You can save up to six Google Web Fonts on your WordPress settings & apply them to different tags.

Step 1 : Install & Activate the plugin.

Step 2 : On your WordPress dashboard, head over to the Settings Section, You will find Google Fonts Menu. After clicking on it, you will see the following window.


Step 3 :  Select the Google Font as per your requirement & the tags it will be applied to. Then Save Changes. Similarly you can save up to six Google Web Fonts on your WordPress settings & apply them to different tags.

2. Font :

This plugin has got variety of features that you can apply to the text in your blog post. Whenever you will view your post, Just click the text you want to customize with web fonts, color, effects, etc. Customize it with the help of options provided & Click on Save button.

Step 1 : Install & Activate the plugin.

Step 2 : View your post, You will see the Font Settings Button on the top. Customize your text & click on the Save Button on the top-right corner.


3. Easy Google Fonts :

This plugin adds Google fonts to any theme without coding and integrates with the WordPress Customizer automatically for a realtime live preview.

Step 1 :  Install & Activate the plugin.

Step 2 : On your WordPress dashboard, head over to the Settings Section, You will find Google Fonts Menu. After clicking on it, you will see the following window.


Step 3 : Here create a control name say font1 & Save it. Check the check box of Force Styles Override. Then Click on the Customizer link appearing on the top. You will see following window.


Step 4 : Customize the different content areas of your post & have a realtime preview of it. Once you are done with customization, Save it.

4. FontMeister – The Font Management Plugin :

FontMeister – The Font Management Plugin lets you preview, add and use fonts from the most common sources of fonts on the web, FontMeister pulls fonts from Google Web Fonts, Typekit, Fontdeck and Font Squirrel for you to use in any theme. To use this plugin you will need Web Developer Font Key for Google fonts, Typekit key for typekit fonts and Fontdeck project id to use Fontdeck fonts.

5. Supreme Google Webfonts :

This plugin adds all 291 Google Webfonts into your visual editor panel when creating posts or pages. Install & activate the plugin & Go to your visual editor to begin using your google web fonts. It is that simple!

6. Typecase Web Fonts :

Typecase is a web font management plugin that allows you to browse, search, and embed over 500 fonts from Google Web Fonts. Typecase makes working with web fonts on WordPress a glorious experience. With over 500 fonts from Google Web Fonts, Typecase is a unique and easy-to-use typography plugin that allows you to quickly browse, find, and select fonts to apply to your website.

7. Google Web Fonts Manager :

It is a simple plugin which plugin provides access to the hundreds of web fonts Google has available. Our plugin gets an up to date list of the fonts available and displays an example of each font you have selected. To use this plugin you will need Web Developer Font Key for Google fonts.

8. Web Fonts :

Web Fonts allows you to browse and enable any of the many open web fonts available from Google and then add them to your stylesheet the same way you do with Fonts.com web fonts. To use this plugin you will need Web Developer Font Key for Google fonts.

9. Google Typography :

A simple plugin that lets you use and customize (in real-time!) any fonts from Google Fonts on your existing WordPress site. The Google Typography plugins allows you to use any Google Font for any text on your existing website without writing a single line of code. In the Appearance > Typography settings page, simply add and customize as many fonts as you’d like, then apply it to any existing HTML tag or CSS selector.

10. Google Web Fonts Customizer (GWFC) :

Google Web Fonts Customizer ( GWFC ) will manage Google Web Fonts to be used on your site using WordPress Customizer live preview, with wide variety usage from body tags until list tags. You can change your font weight, font style and also font color. It’s a very handy & simple plugin to use.

11. GMO Font Agent :

GMO Font Agent plugin is tied up with Google fonts & gives you a choice to use variety of stylish web fonts. The plugin is genericon and IcoMoon compatible, to enhance its usability. It can be inserted from the post editor as well. To use this plugin you will need Web Developer Font Key for Google fonts.

12. Use Any Font :

With Use Any Font plugin you can use any font if you have its font format (ttf, otf, eot, woff, svg, dfont, suit). It doesn’t limit you with the particular number of fonts that you can use in your post. You will need API key to use this plugin.

13. Typekit Fonts for WordPress :

Typekit offers a service that allows you to select from a range of hundreds of high quality fonts for your WordPress website. To use this plugin you need to sign up with Typekit, install this plugin and then either configure some Typekit selectors or define your own CSS rules. Typekit selectors provide a quick and easy way to get fonts enabled on your site.

14. Font Burner Control Panel :

The Font Burner Control Panel plugin allows you to easily add any of the 1000+ free fonts available on the Font Burner website to your WordPress theme. Simply find a font you like and type its name into this plugin and your headlines will instantly be transformed!  Font Burner is the easiest way to bring rich typography into your WordPress theme.

15. Dynamic Font Replacement DFR4WP EN :

With the help of Dynamic Font Replacement DFR4WP EN you can use your own font with WordPress, if you have its font format like ttf or otf. This is SEO friendly, fast & simple plugin.

16. WP sIFR :

With WP sIFR, you only have to upload your SWF font file to the plugin directory and then log-in, activate it, and configure its styles all in the Settings panel. You will get new fonts working on your site in under five minutes. It also works on sub-pages.

17. WP-TTFGen :

TrueType Font Generator, or TTFGen, is a combination of PHP and jQuery which allows you to use custom fonts on your post. It is  cross browser compatible and SEO Friendly. TTFGen automatically generates static text images based on your own set of parameters. A small jQuery script is used to call the PHP image renderer, which uses the TTF file to generate the image.

18. WP-Cufon :

This Plugin makes it totally easy to implement Cufon into your WordPress Blog. The only thing you have to do is converting your font files and upload them into the plugins font directory. You can enable the objects you want to get replaced in the Admin Menu of your WordPress Blog.

19. Facelift Image Replacment (FLIR) :

Facelift Image Replacement (or FLIR, pronounced fleer) is an image replacement script that dynamically generates image representations of text on your web page in fonts that otherwise might not be visible to your visitors. The generated image will be automatically inserted into your web page via Java-script and visible to all modern browsers. Any element with text can be replaced: from headers to elements and everything in between!

20. TextImage :

The TextImage plugin for WordPress displays your post text as a PNG image instead of sending it to the browser as normal HTML. You can specify the text color, background color, font, font size, and image width you want to use. Any text in your post enclosed between and tags will be displayed as an image.

21. All-In-One Cufon :

All-In-One Cufon allows you to replace your standard fonts with whatever font you want. It is easy to use, automatically detects uploaded fonts, previews the uploaded fonts, automatically detects the font family parameter, provides option to enable only font you really want to use, provides Code tips, etc.

22. Fontific | Google Fonts :

Fontific gives you a really simple way to use fonts from Google Web Font library on your WordPress-powered website. To use one of those fantastic fonts, you just need to add a new font rule in Fontific panel(Appearance/Fonts admin menu), specify css selector to which this rule will be applied, setup font settings and save changes you’ve made. That’s it.

23. Fontdeck :

It is the official Fontdeck plugin. Add Fontdeck web fonts to your WordPress site. Once you’ve chosen your fonts on the Fontdeck website, you can add them to your WordPress website using this plugin.

24. Font Pairing Preview For Landing Pages : 

The Font Pairing Preview plugin allows you to specify and experiment with any of the font families available in the Google Web Fonts directory. Simply enter one font family name for the heading and another for the body and click a button to see an instant font pairing preview. You can also specify font size and line height. With the help of this plugin you can only experiment & preview the fonts, but cannot use them in your blog posts. You can use this plugin to decide the pair for heading & body content you want to show in you posts.

I hope you find this article helpful. Now you can easily integrate the web fonts into your blog posts  or pages with Best WordPress Plugins to Integrate Google Web Fonts in WordPress. If you have any query or suggestion regarding the same, do share with us.

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