WordPress 4.0 Front End Editor Feature

By Editorial Staff | May 13, 2014

WordPress 4.0 is scheduled to release by August 2014 and we are covering new features and fixes expected to come with this new version. Well, one of the feature of WordPress 4.0 will be Front End Editor as confirmed by the development team. WordPress 4.0 will have an enhanced version of Front End Editor plugin as its core feature which will allow to edit the contents of the post/page on the live site. There wont be any need to go back to Edit Panel of your page/post. Isnt that great??

WordPress 4.0 Front End Editor Feature :

WordPress 4.0 Front End Editor Feature is now a part of WordPress 4.0 project & is under developement.

Let me show you the way it will serve you :

1. Whenever you will view your page/post, on the top of the window showing your page/post, you will see the Edit post option as highlighted in the figure below . In current version as well, we see this button but it takes us to the edit dashboard to make the changes. Now from 4.0, you can edit the content like Post title, content, media images etc. from front-end.


2. You can edit this post by clicking on the Edit Post Option, it will show you the edit panel with your regular editing tools (TinyMCE) like bold,italic, alignment etc.


These are the regular edit tools. On the right hand top side of it, you will see the buttons to update,delete the page/post. By clicking on More options button, you can also customize the category, tags, excerpt, format, trackbacks, custom fields, discussions etc. through this edit panel.

3. You can Edit the media item inserted in the post/page. Just hover the cursor on the media item, it will appear as shown in the figure below. Click on the pencil button to edit the image. If you want to remove the image from the post, click on cross button & update the post.


Apart from these, the color picker for the font is still awaited in the Front End Editor as it is in the development process.

I hope this article gave you a quick idea about whats new in WordPress 4.0 and working of WordPress 4.0 Front End Text Editor Feature. If you have any query, suggestions or updates related to WordPress 4.0 or WordPress 4.0 Front End Editor Feature do share with us.

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