WordPress 4.0 Media Grid Library Feature

By Editorial Staff | May 13, 2014

After the recent release of version 3.9, we are eagerly waiting for WordPress 4.0 & its new features. The very first beta of WordPress 4.0 is scheduled to release in the first week of July. Well, one of the feature of WordPress 4.0 will be Media Grid Library as confirmed by the development team.  WordPress 4.0 will have an enhanced version of Media Grid Plugin as its core feature which will give a grid view of WordPress Media Library. Right now we all see Media library in the list format, but with media grid feature, we can see images in the grid format, edit them easily manage media library & lot more…

This is how we normally see Media library :


Lets get an overview of Media grid.

Media Grid :

The main highlights of WordPress 4.0 Media Grid Library Feature are :

  • Items of the Media library will be seen in the grid format.
  • It is a responsive grid design.
  • The size of images shown in the grid can be chosen from the options Small, Medium & Large at the top of the Media library window.
  • On the right hand side of the window we can see the details about an image. e.g. name, dimensions, image file path, the person who uploaded it, the date of upload, name of the post related to that image, comments, etc.

Now after installing the Media Grid plugin v0.5 the look of Media Library will be changed to :


This plugin is under development process & is a part of WordPress 4.0 project. Hope we will see its complete functioning with Edit option & media library management soon. I hope this article gave you a quick idea about whats new in WordPress 4.0 and how WordPress 4.0 Media Grid Library Feature looks..If you have any query, suggestions or updates related to WordPress 4.0, do share with us.

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