6 Ways to Declutter Edit Post Window in WordPress

By | May 12, 2014

Sometimes we have activated so many plugins & due to their meta boxes and options, the edit window distracts our mind while writing a post. Well, there are several options available to clean our edit window. This tutorial will elaborate the options to declutter edit Post Window in WordPress, make it clutter free for distraction-less writing where you can keep the required,usually used meta boxes & remove the others.


Make Edit Post Window Clutter-free in WordPress :

1. Distraction Free Writing button :

On the edit window of your post you will see a Distraction Free Writing button as highlighted in the figure below. Just click it. You will get a full screen edit window without any meta boxes. It definitely removes all the other clutter from the Edit window.


This distraction free writing window is an absolute delight for authors but there are few limitations in this panel. Very limited formatting options are available in this window. For example, the headlines (H1, H2..) options are not there and also the text color selection feature is not available in this window. To make these changes, you need to format the page in normal view.

2. Screen Options button :

On the Edit window of your post you will see a Screen Options button at the right hand top corner. After clicking on it you will see Show on screen option. Check only those checkboxes whose metaboxes you want to show on the Edit window. You can also change the Edit window screen Layout by customizing the Number of Columns. Now, you can show limited and frequently used meta boxes & hide the others.


3. Using Plugin’s Settings :

You can remove a plugin’s metabox appearing on the edit window through the Settings page of that plugin. e.g. On Roster Slider Plugin’s Settings page, customize the value of option Remove Roster Slider Metabox on post or page or media. That’s why I would suggest to check if the plugin’s author has provided any option to remove the meta boxes from edit post window.

Apart from these options there are certain WordPress Plugins available to remove the clutter & Make Edit Post Window Clutter free in WordPress as listed below :

4. Simple Admin Menus :

 It hides unwanted or least used menus from WordPress admin to reduce clutter.

5. AG Custom Admin :

This plugin is a All-in-one tool for admin panel customization. It changes almost everything: admin menu, dashboard, login page, admin bar etc. also can apply admin panel themes.

6. Clutter-Free :

This plugin allows authors to hide portions of the WordPress interface that you seldom use. Each author’s preferences are stored separately and can be edited in the author’s profile.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any query or suggestions about how to remove unnecessary items from WordPress dashboard or edit panel, do share with us.

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