Add Collapsible FAQs in WordPress using Shortcode

By | May 9, 2014

I was designing a FAQ’s page & I wanted to add questions panel which after clicking on it will expand to show the hidden answer content. I started searching for the solution & I came across a simple yet best WordPress plugin for collapsible content. The Collapse-O-Matic WordPress plugin was key to all my requirements. So I thought I should write a small tutorial to demonstrate its features & usage that people will find quite helpful.

About Collapse-O-Matic :

It removes clutter, saves space. It displays and hides additional content in a SEO friendly way. With the help of shortcode Collapse-O-Matic will wrap any content—including other shortcodes—into a lovely jQuery expanding and collapsing div.

You can visit this link to know more about Collapse-O-Matic & download it.

How to Use Collapse-O-Matic :

Step 1 : On your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins section. Click on Add New menu. Search for Collapse-O- Matic. Install & Activate the plugin.

Step 2 : You can customize the effects applied by the plugin. For that on your WordPress dashboard, go to Settings section & click on Collapse-O-Matic. You will see the window with different options to customize the effects. Once you have modified the settings according to your requirements, Save the Changes.


Step 3 : Now on the edit panel of your page/post where you want collapsible FAQs, write he shortcode in the following manner :

[expand title="Displayed Title Goes Here"]Hidden content goes here[/expand]

Step 4 : Once you are done with adding FAQs, update your page/post. You can preview it & again modify the Collapse-o-Matic effect through its settings panel.

This plugin really gives a clean look to FAQ’s page.

Apart from Collapse-o-matic, there is another free plugin WordPress FAQ Manager to achieve the collapse expand FAQ feature in WordPress.

I hope you find this article helpful. If you have any querry or suggestions to achieve the same result as collapse-O-Matic does, do share with us.

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