First Look of Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme – Bold and Beautiful

By Sanjeev Mishra | February 26, 2013

WordPress team releases a bundled theme every year. After Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve, now they have introducedTwenty Thirteen‘ WordPress theme. In every bundled theme, WordPress team tried to improve the layout and features but till now all three theme were having a common thing and that was minimal layout with more-n-more white area. But this time, they have played with lot many colours. Twenty Thirteen is a colourful theme with bold colours used widely in all parts of the theme.

First look of Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme

Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme - First Look

Checkout the demo of Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme.

Mark Jaquith writes about the boldly used colours in this theme as ,

What you’ll notice first is the colors. Way more use of color than a bundled WordPress theme has had before. Each post format has its own color, so each is distinct, yet they are all complimentary. The bold colors encourage authors to try out all the different formats. This color extends the full width of the window, which breaks your blog up into a lush, segmented timeline. This effect is even more pronounced on mobile browsers, where the screen can be dominated by one or two posts at a time, in all of their chromatic fullness.

What if I want the old white-minimal layout

With the first look of Twenty Thirteen, it appears that some people may find the theme very refreshing at the same time some may find it over bold for their site/blog and still want the same old minimal layout for their site. WordPress team has decided to provide the Twenty Twelve theme bundled with the default WordPress set-up so that one can choose between the minimal canvas of Twenty Twelve and a designer look of Twenty Thirteen.

404 page of Twenty Thirteen


Post your comments and thoughts about the first look of newly released Twenty Thirteen Theme of WordPress.

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