10 Super Plugins to Take Scheduled Backups of WordPress Posts, Images and Database

By | February 19, 2013

Scheduled backup for WordPress Sites

Whether you use WordPress CMS for personal or professional blogging, eCommerce portal, news or magazine columns, it is very important to take backups. To avoid any accidental damage or data wipe-out because of some unwanted operations on hosting server, you should take backups of all data including the complete database, images and other files. Either you may choose to host the backup on your home PC or you can upload them directly to the cloud storage like Dropbox, Amazon, Google Drive or to any other you prefer. You may also choose to store the backups on other server, for example, if you own two different websites and hosting them on totally different servers (or may be different hosting providers), you may choose to host the backup of one site on the other server.

The charm of WordPress lies in plugins and in case of taking scheduled backups, plugins play an important role. There are so many plugins available to take backup of a WordPress site on different locations. Here are few free plugins which still works without much effort.

Free and working plugins for scheduled backups

1. WordPress Backup to Dropbox – You get 2GB of free storage on Dropbox account and can purchase more storage by paying a premium. Dropbox is easy to access and one can perform too many awesome things on the files stored over there. Using this plugin, you can schedule a backup of your WordPress Database (SQL dump) and all the files and folder (wp-content, wp-include etc.). That means, all your instaled plugins and themes will also be stored on Dropbox account. You can restore your site anytime using the SQL dump and the files.

2. XCloner Backup and Restore – It can take backup of any sites running on PHP/MySQL and for WordPress there is a dedicated plugin available for free. It takes backup in the format of TAR which takes less space. YOu can retore the backup suing the same plugin with XCloner.php script anytime.

3. BackWPup – Really good one. This plugin can take scheduled backup and store them on Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure or SugarSync wherever you prefer. YOu can also chose the format that you want for the backup file (tar, tar.gz, zip etc. are available)

4. wp Time Machine – Schedule the backup with the help of this plugin and apart from Amazon S3, Dropbox, you can also save the backup file using the FTP of other hosting server that you own.

5. BackUpWordPress – Get your backup in email. I know, in case of a bigger site with so much data, it is not a good idea to have backup emailed to you but you can choose to have only the SQL dump emailed.

6. Simple Backup – Before taking the backup, this plugin actually optimizes the database of your site and then it takes the backup of the complete site including the files.

7. VM Backups – Another plugin to send you the backup as an attachment to your email ID. The attachment will have a zipped version of site’s files and SQL dump.

Premium Services to take Backup of WordPress

8. VaultPress – It is a premium site backup and security service provided by the same company which is behind the WordPress development i.e. Automattic. Once you purchase the service, you need to install a plugin on your WordPress dashboard and then it starts taking backup of your site real-time. On the VaultPress dashboard, you can see the backups and may restore them any time. Here is the pricing and plans of VaultPress as of now,


9. BackupBuddy – It is a premium plugin available to take backup of your sites on different locations like Amazon S3, Dropbox like clouds or email the backup to your inbox. YOu can also use FTP to store the backup on any other hosting server that you own. Here is the pricing for this plugin.


10. BlogVault – It is also a premium backup service for WordPress sites. This service is cheaper than VaultPress but here you do not get the extra security scanning feature that you are getting in case of VaultPress. Here is the pricing for BlogVault.


Final Words

Free plugins work perfect if you know what is SQL dump and how to upload the WordPress files again  in case of recovery. On clouds like Amazon S3, Dropbox and Google Drive, you can have all your backup data without any problem. The pricing for Amazon S3 is very low so you can use that service for unlimited hosting. My final words are, if your life is not dependent (not making money or doing self branding) on your WordPress site, use any of the free plugins as per your preference, but if your site is what all you have, go for VaultPress.

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