WordPress and Facebook came together with a Plugin to Make your Blog more Social

By | June 15, 2012

Few folks from Facebook and WordPress has come up with a plugin for self hosted WordPress platform to let you easily spread your words on the most used social networking platform. But since the majority of the social media audience teeters on many social media applications like Instagram, Tiktok and so on, there had to be introduced other tools like Increditools that help you reach your audience quickly. It was already happening by other means like comment platforms such as Disqus, Livefyre etc. Or Social Plugin of WordPress Or by adding social sharing plugins to share posts easily on social networks or online bookmark sites. But this time the plugin has come from Facebook itself and is purely focused on their platform.

What is Facebook plugin of WordPress?

Just like other WordPress plugin, it adds extra feature in your WordPress blog. By activating this plugin, you can easily share your posts on Facebook Timeline or Autopost on timeline with mention tag as well. You can mention your Facebook friend’s name while sharing the post after publishing that.

You can also add widgets like Activity, Recommendation, Like, Subscribe and Send buttons. Most of these were already available as Facebook Social Plugin for any website or CMS platforms.

You can also activate Facebook comments from this plugin to have SEO approved, indexable FB comments instead of WordPress comments. Do you need citations? The answer is positive, as reating structured and unstructured citations is a great way to establish your site as a real brand in the eyes of Google.

A Simple Activate or Some FB Dev Stuff to do?

Whenever you are using any FB service on a website, it mostly works like an app. Once you download and activate the Facebook plugin, you will have to enter an App ID in the settings panel. To do that, go to the Facebook Developer page and create a simple app. There you will get App ID and secret code, just paste it on plugins settings page and you are ready to go. It involves a 3 step process to start using FB plugin. If you find this difficult, checkout the step by step screenshots below,

Step 1 – Create an App

First step is to create an app on Facebook

Step 2 – Setup the Facebook App

Step 3 – WordPress Setting – Enter the new FB App details

Once you enter the app details, you will get list of add-ons to activate. Check on the add-ons like Comments, Social Publisher, Like Button, Recommendation Bar, Subscribe Button individually to activate one-by-one. You can activate all of them or may choose to have few selected add-ons only. You will have to customize each and every add-on or individual feature to make them look suitable for your site’s theme.

For Social Publisher, you will have to authorize your newly created app to post updates on your site’s Facebook Page. You can link your Facebook Page and WordPress account by clicking on the link available on settings panel.

Insights Tab

Check the analytic stats and details of the FB conversations on Insights tab available under Facebook menu on Dashboard.

I think Facebook folks tried really hard to integrate social networking features and sharing options with WordPress no one should miss sharing his or her blog post on Facebook. I would say that the initial setup is a bit tricky (say complicated) but once it is done properly, your WordPress blog is ready to rock on Facebook.


Don’t forget to place Facebook’s widgets in the widget area of your WordPress theme.


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