Top 10 Free Elementor Add-ons for WordPress to Add Premium Elements

By Sakshi Tiwari | March 15, 2023

Are you in search of the finest free Elementor add-ons? Your search ends here!

This is the perfect place to discover the top Elementor add-ons of 2023, which will aid you in customising your website according to your own preferences and obtaining the features you desire.

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What is elementor?

What is Elementor and logo of elementor.

Elementor is a drag-and-drop plugin for building websites in WordPress and with the help of this visual editor, you may create and modify pages without writing any code.

Exactly what is elementor addons?

Plugins created expressly for the Elementor platform by skilled outside developers are known as elementor add-ons. They improve the usability of Elementor and the user experience.

Here is a list of the free best elementor addons 2023. All of the add-ons mentioned below are ones that we use and have experience with.

We mentioned the top 10 free elementor addons that, in our opinion, will add Premium Elements to WordPress based on the features and specifications of these free elementor addons.

You can use these to make your work easy and to get premium elements in WordPress.

List of Top 10 free elementor addons plugin :

  1. Royal Elementor Addons
  2. Happy Addons for Elementor
  3. ElementsKit Elementor addons
  4. Master Elementor Addons
  5. Essential Addons for Elementor
  6. Premium Addons for Elementor
  7. Element Pack Elementor Addons
  8. HT Mega- Absolute Addons for Elementor
  9. The Plus Addons for Elementor
  10. Stratum– Elementor Widgets
royal elementor WordPress plugin logo

1. Royal Elementor Addons

A popular page builder extension that is adaptable, logical, and simple to use is Royal Elementor add-ons. Unlike previous Elementor add-ons, it gives you the means to accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently. Choosing it is more than a matter of attitude; it’s a matter of necessity if you want your website to give you an edge over your competitors.
Most of the features and widgets of Elementor pro are here so you don’t need the pro version of Elementor after installing and activating this.

Royal Elementor features- free elementor addons

Especially I use and like these features of Royal elementor addon :

  • Slider
  • Custom Css
  • Woocommerce widgets
  • Parallax effect
  • Pop Builder and many more.
Features of happy addons

2. Happy Add-ons for Elementor

One of the best add-ons for Elementor is Happy Add-ons, which enhances Elementor Free & Pro with 114+ Free & Pro Widgets and 22+ Problem-Solving Features. And personalisation is not the only option for Our widgets. The ability to be customised makes each widget stand out from other Elementor add-on widgets from third parties.

one from free elementor addons - happy addons

Especially I use and like these features of Happy Addons for Elementor:

  • Content switcher
  • Horizontal timeline
  • 360° Rotation Widget
  • Photo stack, etc.
ElementsKit Elementor addons Logo

3. ElementsKit Elementor addons

ElementsKit is the ultimate, all-inclusive Elementor Page Builder add-on. Under one roof, it houses the most complete modules, including Layout Library, Mega Menu Builder, and Header Footer Builder. It has over 43 unique widgets.

ElementsKit free elementor addons

The following are features I especially enjoy using and enjoying with ElementsKit :

  • Blog Posts
  • Unique Heading
  • Accordion
  • Pricing table, etc.

4. Master Elementor Addons

The most extensive Elements & Extensions for Elementor are offered by Master Addons for Elementor, which also has a user-friendly interface. It contains 20+ Elementor Extensions and 50+ Elementor Elements.

Master addons features

Master Addons for Elementor offers the following features that we especially love:

  • Flipbox
  • Table of Content
  • Filterable Gallery
  • Timeline, etc.

5. Essential Addons for Elementor

90+ innovative elements and extensions will improve your Elementor page creation experience. Utilize our simple-to-use elements to give your page builder more capabilities. They were created to make the design of your next WordPress pages and posts easier and more attractive than before.

free elementor addon - essential addons

Among the many features we enjoy most about Essential Addons for Elementor are:

  • EmbedPress
  • Filterable gallery
  • Feature list
  • Image accordion, etc.

6. Premium Addons for Elementor

With the help of 400+ predefined templates and 60+ very configurable plugins and widgets for Elementor Page Builder, you can construct complex websites faster and without any coding knowledge. The plugins Elementor and Premium Addons both advance your WordPress website.

Good features of Premium addons of Elementor are:

  • Heading
  • Banner
  • Free Templates
  • WooCommerce Products Grid, etc.

7. Element Pack Elementor Addons

The best addon for WordPress site development, Element Pack Addon for Elementor Page Builder is the ultimate online solution. To make the process of creating websites easier, Element Pack offers more than 50+ fundamental elements for use in everyday applications.
Element Pack is incredibly user-friendly and offers a drag-and-drop page builder-like functionality that makes it easy to create and maintain your website. To enable you to create the next wave of websites, Element Pack includes the most widely used elements with crucial special web kits. To utilise Element Pack, absolutely no coding knowledge is required.

Especially I use and like these features of Element Pack Elementor Addons :

  • Sroll up
  • Toggle
  • Business Hours
  • Progress Pie, etc.

8. HT Mega – Absolute Addons for Elementor

The Elementor extensions bundle for the Elementor page builder plugin for WordPress is called HT Mega. It is a full set of Elementor widgets, premade templates, forms, tables, and other things. It gives you the ability to use Elementor, one of the most well-liked WordPress page builders, to create a professional website in WordPress.

The following are features I especially enjoy using and enjoying with HT Mega :

  • Toggle
  • Menu Builder
  • Elementor template library
  • Switcher

9. The Plus Addons for Elementor

Introducing The Plus Addons for Elementor, which have more than 300 UI Essential Blocks, 120+ Powerful Widgets & Extensions, and 18+ Ready-to-Use Templates with the most cutting-edge functionalities like Blog Builder, Woo Builder, Mega Menu, Filtered Gallery, and more to give your Elementor a boost like never before.

Especially I use and like these features of The Plus Addons for Elementor:

  • Flip box
  • Mega Menu
  • Woo Builder, etc

10. Stratum – Elementor Widgets

The goal of Stratum, a free collection of 20+ Elementor plugins, is to improve the widget functionality of your preferred page builder. The Stratum Elementor add-ons enable both highly customisable pieces and automated resizing to match the visual design of your current theme.

Especially I use and like these features of stratum:

  • Image Hotspot
  • Vertical Timeline
  • Advanced Slider, etc.
elementor header footer builder

You may use Elementor to construct a layout and configure it as – Header

  • Footer
  • Block thanks to the straightforward but effective WordPress plugin Elementor Header & Footer Builder (anywhere on the website).


The purpose of this article is to introduce you to the free elementor addons that can assist you in building the best websites possible. Hopefully you have found all the information you were looking for here.

If you have any questions or you know another free Elemtor addon then comment on the comment box we will add yours as well.

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