WordPress 3.4 brings Theme Previewer and Customization

By | May 6, 2012

WordPress as a blogging platform is really good to share thoughts, tips and experiences. At the same time, the setup and customization options in self hosted WordPress is getting better and better everyday. With the latest beta release of WordPress 3.4, you get in-built option to customize the theme template of your choice before implementing (activating) the same.

WordPress 3.4 is having lot many performance improvement queries and piece of code. Apart from that, it is also having a Theme Customization Previewer which allows you to customize any theme before implementing that. For example, you need to change the site logo, tagline, menu items, background image, header image etc., you don’t need to activate the theme to see the changes.

Before this update, theme preview and customization was possible through plugins like Theme Test Drive but now you do not need a separate plugin to do the same.

With Theme Previewer, you can actually activate theme with all the basic changes. Previewer allows you to customize and see following items.

  • Site Title and Tagline
  • Header
  • Background
  • Navigation
  • Static Front-Page

Here is the screenshot of Theme Previewer in WordPress 3.4,

Apart from this previewer, WordPress 3.4 is also having following changes and features,

  • Better Search for Theme (Filter Search)
  • Support for Touch devices like Apple iPad and Kindle, includes jQuery UI Touch extension
  • Support to install child themes from WordPress Theme Directory

Let me know if you find the theme previewer in WordPress 3.4 helpful.

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