WordPress 3.3 – New Feature Pointers on Admin Dashboard

By Sanjeev Mishra | December 12, 2011

WordPress 3.3WordPress is getting more features, looks and performance related changes in WordPress version 3.3. Administrator of the WordPress site will see a welcome message with the details about the latest version after upgrading their WordPress setup. For example, once you will upgrade from WordPress 3.2.1 to WordPress 3.3, you will see a welcome message on the dashboard. Another new feature is the “New Feature Pointers”. Whatever new features will come with the new version, a pointer will keep pointing you on that with a small description about the feature itself.

For example, on WordPress 3.3 dashboard, you can see a feature pointer (attached below) showing details about the new “Toolbar” where admin bar and old dashboard header are combined as one.


You can remove these pointers by clicking the “dismiss” link available one the pointer box.

According to the WordPress team, the new feature pointer is,

When we add new features, move navigation, or do anything else with the dashboard that might throw you for a loop when you update your WordPress site, we’ll let you know about it with new feature pointers explaining the change.

This new pointer feature is helpful for those who are not much familiar with the ongoing development of the WordPress code. They just upgrade the WordPress setup to avoid any security issue. Now they can also see what new features has been added and how they can utilize the feature for their purpose.

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