WordAds – It’s Time to Make Money from WordPress.com Blogs

By Sanjeev Mishra | November 30, 2011

WordPress.com  (a free blogging platform) users are making money since long through different Ad agencies or by serving affiliate links. Advertisement platforms like Google Adsense are there to start with by placing the ad code through widgets. So the big news is not that WordPress.com users can now start making money but the big news is that they are going to have a unique and native advertisement platforms probably with more dedicated ads related to their blog. Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, has launched an advertisement platform named “WordAds” in partnership with Federated Media. Right now, they are accepting the application from WordPress.com users to enroll their blog for ad placement.


How WordAds is going to be different from Google Adsense

According to the release note from Automattic, around 50,000 new blogs are created on each day and blogs are different from the normal websites on web. They are actually or should be thoughts and expressions or views about something and they should be treated differently than normal websites (corporate, shopping, applications etc.). Google Adsense serve relevant ads on blog or normal website but it doesn’t differentiate between these two. As per the release note, it seems that Federated Media and Automattic are planning to serve ads related to blogging or views about the topic of your blog. We will have to wait for the first serve of WordAds on a WordPress.com blog.

WordAds and Adsense – Both on Single Blog?

WordPress.com users can insert Google Adsense ads in their theme template using Widgets as they don’t get access to edit the theme file. And WordAds are optional service which they can choose to have on their site as well. So I don’t think Automattic company is going to restrict earning from WordAds only. That means you can use WordAds and Google Adsense both on single blog after getting approval for WordAds.

How to Get for WordAds on WordPress.com Blog?

If you are having a WordPress.com blog with custom domain and if the blog is visible to public, then you can apply for WordAds from this page. Here you need to login with your WordPress.com user-id and password and then choose the blog that you want to enroll for WordAds. Then you need to provide few details about the blog, for example the niche of the blog, current traffic etc. Then WordPress.com team will review your request and will notify you about the approval status. WordAds approval depends on the level of traffic, language of the blog, niche (topic) of the blog and user engagement.

WordAds – WordPress Plugin

Currently the announcement is only for WordPress.com users. Self hosted WordPress users will have to wait to see if the company come up with a WordAds Plugin to install on self hosted WordPress platform and to enroll the blog with the service. I am sure that the company will test WordAds on WordPress.com for few months and then will release plugin to provide the money making opportunity to self hosted WordPress users (in millions) as well.

4 thoughts on “WordAds – It’s Time to Make Money from WordPress.com Blogs

  1. Devon Dudeman

    If you think that you’re gonna monetize your blog with ads…think again. Everyone thought that way when blogger announced adsense for blogger, but only a select, LUCKY, few ever made s#** with adsense.

    This is the same thing. You’re better off focusing on quality content, your squeeze pages to build subs, and eventually launching your own product, or an affiliate product. (I can help with that)

    So in the meantime people, just focus on quality content.

  2. Courtney

    This is great news, my traffic has been steadily increasing and i’ve been looking for a way to monetize that without having to switch over to a self hosted wordpress blog.

  3. Ademola Oladoja

    I will prefer to run word-ads on a self hosted domain because it makes the site sound more professional. What if I want to switch from my WordPress hosted installation to my own domain?

  4. VI

    I wanna start a blog in WordPress.com. I wanna know if it’s possible to make at least $100 a day and how long does it take to be approved.

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