How to Scan WordPress Hosting Server for Malware and Virus

By | December 28, 2020

Facing problem with how to scan WordPress Hosting Server for Malware and Virus?

Or if you are someone you have a website and detected malware or virus attack on your website?

If Yes, then your primary focus must be on the security of the database from being hacked.

As numbers of internet users are growing and all the business is switching towards online platforms. All the confidential files of such business are available online on their website.

With such an increase in internet users cybercrimes, online scams, malware and virus attacks on websites are also increasing.

Many time this happens that your website is infected by a malware or virus but you don’t even know about it due to unawareness or negligence.

These spams, malware or virus attacks on your website can slow down, steal data, or even crash your website.

If you want to keep yourself safe from all such attacks and want to know that how you can scan WordPress hosting server for malware and virus. Then you should definitely go for a Managed VPS Canada and read more in this article.

In this article, we are going to introduce you with some tools and plugins that will help you to maintain and scan the server for malware and virus to protect your wordpress hosting options from any such attacks.

Tools to Scans Server Hosting for Malware and Virus -:


Sucuri is a website security testing Saas tool developed by Sucuri Inc. It is one the most popular name when it comes to scanning malware and checks the website security measure.

One of the most used tools developed by Sucuri is Sucuri Site checker. This tool allows you to scan issues related to your site under their free trial version.

If you are someone who uses WordPress to build your website then you can try out their WordPress plugin with the name of Sucuri Security.

This plugin provides you with the features like malware scanning along with the firewall protection and also tracks the list of login users on your website.


CyberScanner is also a website security tool which is developed by the group of developers and website security experts.

This tool actively keeps an eye on a range of code injections, scripts, and databases. The tool is developed by the groups of experts so it is continuously updated.

Once you Signup for CyberScanner, this tool will send you a weekly mail report highlighting the issues on your website.

Code Guard

Code Guard is a tool which provides you with a one-stop solution for all your problem related to website protection.

This tool also provides you with the feature of taking back up all your website files by just a single click.

This tool scans your website on regular basis and sends you the alerts in case any malware or virus is detected.

Code Guard provides you with all these features at a very affordable price.


Virustotal is a free website security detection service which allows you to track whether any malware or virus is present on your website or not.

VirusScanner for CPanel

Many of the hosting these days provide you with virus scanner in the CPanel. This virus scanner in the CPanel allows you to scan allow the files that are present on the hosting server.

As CPanel has access to all the database it gives more accurate data regarding the malware and virus detection.

You should use this tool on the regular basis to stay updated with your website security issues.

Plugins to Scans WordPress Hosting Server for Malware and Virus -:

If you are someone who uses WordPress to build your website you some perks as you can directly install plugins that are discussed below using single click.

These plugins will help you to protect your website and scan your WordPress hosting server for Malware and Virus from the initial start of your website.

Theme Authenticity Checker

Theme Authenticity Checker is a plugin developed by buildBackwards. This plugin allows you to scan all files related to your WordPress theme.

This plugin will provide you update if it finds any miscellaneous file related to malware or virus in the file set of your WordPress theme.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is another WordPress plugin developed by Wordfence. This plugin provides you with an endpoint firewall and malware scanner.

This will help you not just to scan theme files, but also to scan core WordPress files and other plugins files for threats that are listed in Wordfence Security database. It also allows you to see the list of users that are using your website and track if someone will try to upload some un-necessary data.

WP Antivirus

WP Antivirus is website security plugin widely use to scan malware and viruses for your WordPress website.

This plugin not only scans the file related to the theme but it also allows you to scan all the file related to plugins, images, etc.

This plugin provides you weekly security report of your website in the free plan whether as daily security report in the paid plan.


The above are not the only options of the plugin that is available, you can also use plugins like Antivirus, Anti-Malware, Quttera, many more.

You can also try them and let us know about your experience in the comment section below and even if you have any tools or plugins that you prefer to use you can also mention them in the comment section.

I hope that the above piece of content provides you with some value that will help you to maintain or scan your WordPress hosting server for malware and virus.

In case you have any suggestion or doubt regarding the article you can put it down in the comment section below.

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