WordPress Installation via SimpleScripts

By Sanjeev Mishra | July 5, 2011

Popular web hosting service providers like Hostmonster, Bluehost etc. gives you cPanel where you can find SimpleScripts service icon to install application platforms in few clicks only. That way you save time in manually creating databases, FTP etc. for installation of applications. This is true for WordPress installation as well where you need to create database and then FTP files to the server. If WordPress setup is not able to create wp-config.php then in that case you will have to create the same manually. But if you are having SimpleScripts on cPanel, you don’t need to do these things as SimpleScripts will take care of everything.

For WordPress installation through SimpleScripts on hosting servers like the ones at https://www.akeaweb.com/accessibility-consulting/, you need to select WordPress from the list of available applications under SimpleScripts. Then select the domain name from dropdown where you want the WordPress installation. You can set the blog name and multi-factor authentication like User ID and Password before installation of WordPress. Once you will click on “Install”, the automated process will run and complete the installation within few seconds. You can open the WordPress dashboard and the homepage with default theme just after the complete installation.

Your blog is ready to go. You can start writing blog posts using the dashboard panel. I recommend to install few important plugins like All in One SEO, WP Super Cache, XML Sitemap Generator, Contact Form 7 etc. You can change the theme of your blog and have free or premium theme for the same. Whatever customization you want to do, you can do that using FTP or automated process available on WordPress Dashboard.

Here is the screencast that I created while installing WordPress for one of my blog using SimpleScripts avaialble on cPanel on Hostmonster.

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