10 WooCommerce Gift Card Plugins to Sell Gift Vouchers on WordPress Store

By Editorial Staff | May 15, 2017

Apart from sympathy gift baskets, Gift Cards are a widely sold item in popular stores as it allows people to gift money in terms of a cash credit to someone and let them buy stuff of their choice. . WooCommerce Gift Card plugins allow the WooCommerce store owners to sell such gift vouchers or cards on their WordPress store and boost sale through that. Gift cards are like eWallet money sent to someone you like to gift something. That person will en-cash the card value and can purchase something from that store. You must have seen such gift cards in popular stores like Amazon, eBay etc. testss

WooCommerce Gift Card plugins should have following features:

  • Allow store owner to set the gift card price and let the card value cashed
  • Send Gift Voucher code to recipient email ID after the purchase
  • Let the owner set a discount on gift cards
  • Set expiry date for the Gift Card and Voucher

Apart from these basic features, premium WooCommerce Gift Card plugin authors may provide advance features like,

  • Custom message and sender’s name on the card voucher
  • Set the delivery date for gift card
  • Allow user to set personal image on the card
  • Verify email ID before sending the card
  • and many more…

Best Plugins for WooCommerce Gift Cards

Here is the list of some best plugins for WooCommerce Gift Card feature. These plugins are worth their cost. I am recommending few as my personal favorite. You canĀ  also click here for fun gifts like custom underwear or other personalized gifts and make the recipients feel special.

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro

A powerful WooCommerce plugin to have Gift Card feature in the store. It comes loaded with premium features such as custom message, cart page trigger, HTML email template with customization option, amount suggestion and more.

You can create unlimited gift cards using this plugin and track the activity on each card. You can see how many people used that card and for what kind of purchases they are using the cards. Customers can also check the usage of the gift card as the partial payment can also be done using the card value. YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin is the most recommended plugin for gift cards feature on WooCommerce.

See Demo & DownloadRecommended

WooCommerce – Gift Cards Pro

WooCommerce – Gift Cards Pro is the premium version of the free plugin available on repository (mentioned later in this article). It allows you to create and manage gift cards on the WooCommerce admin panel and let customers send gift cards to recipients.

Apart from the basic free features, the premium version comes with types of gift cards e.g. Gift Card as single product, variable product or as custom priced product. One can also import gift cards from one platform or store to another. This feature will help in moving from development environment to live site.

See Demo & DownloadRecommended

Smart Coupons

This is the official premium plugin release by WooCommerce team for sending gift cards using the store. This store credit system will allow customers to transfer to send store credit as gift to other users. Using that credit amount via a coupon, the user can purchase an item from the store.

Smart Coupon credit amount can be used for full or partial payment on the cart page. Apart from this, Smart Coupon also comes with URL coupon options where one can just send a unique URL as gift so that the coupon amount will automatically apply on the order page.

See Demo & DownloadRecommended

WooCommerce Gift Card by Scopes

Create redeemable gift cards on WooCommerce store and allow customers to purchase the cards or vouchers online. You can also send the gift card to someone by typing the email address and a custom message at the checkout. WooCommerce Gift Card plugin by Scopes is available on CodeCanyon for $29.

The plugin add one more option beside “Virtual” and “Downloadable” checkboxes on “Simple Product” panel as “Gift”. Select the “Gift” option to add the product as a Gift Card. You can set the expiry date of coupon or number of days after that the coupon will expire automatically. Exclusion of certain products can also be done from the gift card redemption.

You can also change the email template and customize it as per your store. That gives a uniqueness to your store in terms of sending Gift Card email.

See Demo & DownloadRecommended

WooCommerce Gift Card Pro by Magenest

Another CodeCanyon hosted WooCommerce Gift Card plugin. With this plugin, you can also allow customers to print the Gift Card in a PDF format. The PDF will have a bar code as well and user can scan the code to directly redeem the voucher via URL.

In this gift card for WooCommerce, you can create 3 different types of price schemes – Fixed Price, Choose from Price Range and Choice from Fixed Prices.

This plugin is well integrated with WooCommerce and allows you to add gift cards feature in your Woo Store.

See Demo & Download

WooCommerce Gift Certificate Pro

Like other plugins in the list, WooCommerce Gift Certificate Pro allows you to add gift cards or vouchers in your store. Along with that, it also allows you to add gift vouchers to selected products. Once the customer will buy that particular product, he will also receive a gift voucher along with that. He can either use that voucher on future purchases or gift that to someone else.

You can customize the email template and also preview the email in admin area. This feature will allow you to see if there is any error on the email format.

Here you get option to print the gift voucher or card on PDF and also enable QR Code and Bar Code options to allow easy navigation to the redeem voucher page.

Free WooCommerce Gift Card Plugins

Apart from these premium, feature rich WooCommerce Gift Card plugins, there are some free plugins also available for you. Here is the list of free gift cards plugins for WooCommerce.

See Demo & Download

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards – Lite

YITH team releases free version of almost all plugins of theirs. Along with the premium Gift Card plugin (mentioned at top of the list), you can also try the free version of the plugin. The free version comes with certain limitation like

  • can not create printable and digital gift cards
  • Fixed amount in the gift card option
  • No Gift Card purchase and redeem history
  • In case of refund or cancelled order, the gift card will still remain active

This free plugin is good to start but as a store owner, you may not get satisfied with this one.


WooCommerce – Gift Cards

This is one also the free version of one of the mentioned Pro plugin in the premium list. Again, this one also comes with similar restrictions and limitations. But you can create and add simple gift cards using this plugin and allow your customers to redeem the same on checkout page.


WPGC eGift Card

This is a free plugin to create gift cards for any platform and accept payments via PayPal. This is a simple PayPal Gift Card which can be used on any eCommerce platform including WooCommerce.

With this plugin, the store owner will keep a form on one of the pages where customer can fill up the details and make the payment. It will redirect customer to a gift voucher. Now he can use the gift voucher on PayPal gateway or ask the store owner to redeem the voucher.

Well, this plugin is not very deeply integrated with WooCommerce. If the owner is not having PayPal as the gateway, this plugin will not be helpful.


PayPal Gift Card

Similar with WPGC eGift Card, PayPal Gift Card is another free plugin to buy and sell gift cards from PayPal. The same gift card can be used to purchase a product or services from the site.



Gift card option on a store is a win-win situation for both, store owner and customers. Many times we think whether the gift purchased by us will be equally liked for the receiver or not. In such cases, Gift cards are the life savers. Store owners will receive the money upfront and can use it somewhere else to boost the store.

I am sure many store owners are already using such gift cards on their WooCommerce store. If you are not using yet, choose one from the above list and see the difference. I recommend YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin for this purchase.

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