Authorship Markup rel=”author” tag coming with WordPress 3.2 in Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven Themes and Core

By | June 10, 2011

Google has announced that they are going to support authorship markup i.e. rel=”author” tag in website’s html. It will be a way to tell the search engine about the author of the content. Based on the data, Google can organize the author’s content in their index system and let people browse that from search results. Google is also going to use this data in finding out the originality of the content.

You can add this rel=”author” tag in WordPress theme template to showcase the author’s page. WordPress team has also started working on this task to add the tag by default in Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven themes. These two themes are the default theme of WordPress. Twenty Eleven is coming with WordPress 3.2 where you will also see the Twenty Ten theme. WordPress is also going to add this tag in core files so that users can use the same in other themes. You can find the ticket on WordPress Trac for this task.

It is still not clear whether this authorship markup is going to help in recovering from Google Panda update, but still it will be a good practice to add this markup in html.

Are you a frequent guest blogger?

If you are a frequent guest blogger and write for other websites too, then you should use rel=”me” on the guest blog site and provide the link to your website. Now use rel=”me” on your website’s profile page and provide the URL of the guest post saying that you have written this past as well. This way Google will know that the post was written by you only. Make sure to also utilize link building techniques by this UK agency if you want the utmost output from your work.

Where to add the Markup in Theme?

Wherever in the article you are mentioning the author’s name, just add the rel=”author” tag. For posts, the most common template file is single.php file. Try finding “author” in that template file and then you can add the rel tag over there. Now the link attached with the author’s name should go to the page where people can read something about the author and can also find posts written by the same person. The link should be from the same domain name.

4 thoughts on “Authorship Markup rel=”author” tag coming with WordPress 3.2 in Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven Themes and Core

  1. Scott Ludtke

    This is something that is long overdue! I tried adding the markup to my profile and it keeps getting stripped when I update it…
    Any idea how long before Update 3.2 is available?

  2. Sanjeev Mishra Post author

    WordPress 3.2 final build is available to download or upgrade

  3. Alvaro Benavides

    how can i configure this tag to set google+ profiles instead of author page?

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