6 Performance Improvements in WordPress 4.7

By Editorial Staff | December 5, 2016

WordPress 4.7 is ready to release in couple of days. It comes loaded with lot many features including the REST API in core. Here in this article, we will see all kind of performance improvements which are ready to be shipped with WordPress 4.7.

In version 4.7, there were more than 680 tickets and out of that, 90+ tickets were for Customizer. Similarly, almost 80 tickets were there for REST API. Apart from that, WordPress 4.7 is also coming with a new default theme i.e. Twenty Seventeen. So these are few major areas where you will see most of the changes in 4.7 but are there any performance or speed improvements.

WordPress 4.7 is going to a great release with lot many new changes inside. At WordCamp US in State of Word 2016, Matt Mullenweg said that,

This is very much a year about doing things differently. WordPress 4.7, I believe, is going to be one of the best releases we’ve seen in a long, long time. It’s jam packed, and while I’m sure we’ll have plenty of follow-on work, there’s been a hugely ambitious effort with tons of awesome contributors.

As WordPress is now recommending HTTPS and PHP 7, there must have made certain changes in this new version to get the best out of PHP 7. Let’s check how WordPress 4.7 is going to better in terms of performance and speed.

Better use of Selective Refresh API

On Customizer, when you make changes, you can live preview the change in Preview area. It allows you to see the changes before implementing it. With the use of Selective Refresh API at several places, the changes will be visible without refreshing the page. For example, header image change will be using this API for faster preview.

Similarly, partial refresh will be done for menu changes too.

Custom CSS with Live Preview

With WordPress 4.7 Customizer, you can enter custom CSS and preview the changes on the site. It will allow you to test and implement working CSS really fast.

New Arrangements on Editor for Fast Formatting

To improve the text formatting, there are some changes done on the editor. Now you will see the header formatting option as the first item on top panel. The editor is not having underline as that was bit confusing with the linking of the text and was not good for accessibility. Placement for strikethrough is also changed in the new editor.

100% Compatibility with PHP 7

PHP 7 is almost 3 times faster than the previous version. WordPress Core operates really fast with this new version. Now WordPress 4.7 is 100% compatible with PHP 7 and even WordPress has put PHP 7 in the host recommendation list too.

Content Authorship in Menus

Menu management from Customizer has become more powerful. Now you can add new page or post from the menu bar. You can easily create a new page or post before adding that to the menu. So now there is no excuse to go out of Customizer.

Faster Default Theme

Twenty Seventeen is the new default theme to be shipped with WordPress 4.7. In terms of performance and speed, this theme is much better than its predecessors. Twenty Seventeen comes with SVG icons throughout the theme to make it faster. Apart from that, it uses new optimized functions to serve the content real quick.

Well, WordPress core is improving with every release. Now the core is using 28% JavaScript to make it fast and responsive.

At WordCamp US, Matt also announced that WordPress 4.7 is going to be named as “Vaughan”, after jazz musician Sarah “Sassy” Vaughan.

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