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By Sanjeev Mishra | April 23, 2011 is the blog hosting platform by Automattic where self hosted WordPress is open source fully customizable platform available for free. Some of the added features which where available in sites were available on self hosted WordPress through Plugins. Now Matt Mullenweg of Automattic has launched a single plugin to get all those added features on self hosted WordPress. This way one will get rid of at least 5 – 6 plugins.

Jetpack is that single plugin which will bring all the features like Stats, Gravatar Hovercard, Twitter Widget, shortlinks, Sharedaddy, LaTex, After the Deadline, Shortcode Embeds etc. By using this single plugin, you will get all these features on your self hosted WordPress blog. Blackbird Pie is the feature which doesn’t come under Jetpack yet. There are few slots open for upcoming features as well. So with the update of Jetpack, you will get added feature sin future as well.


WordPress hosting partners like Blue Host, Dreamhost etc. are already providing Jetpack installed on script based installation of WordPress. If you are already hosting your WordPress on a hosting server, you can download the Jetpack plugin from WordPress directory and install the same.

So Jetpack is just an accumulation of lot many other plugins by Automattic and will provide the added features in upgrades.

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