The Best WordPress Caching Plugin You Need And it’s Free!

By Sanjeev Mishra | November 17, 2016
Review of: WP Fastest Cache

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On November 17, 2016
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Best caching plugin for WordPress is available for free. Comes loaded with features and still having the simplest UI.

WordPress is full of PHP functions and SQL queries. If you are using some premium themes, your site must be loading multiple JavaScript and CSS files too. All these things make your site slow and increase the page load time. Visitors of your site are not going to wait for more than 2 – 3 seconds before making a switch and hat’s why it is very important that the site loads in less than 4 seconds. To make the site load fast, the quick solution is to install a caching plugin.

There are many free and premium WordPress caching plugins available but it is very important to know which suits your requirement the best.

It’s not W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache

The most talked about WordPress caching plugin is W3 Total Cache. It comes loaded with so many options and features. I have shared the configuration settings for W3 Total Cache and I can tell that it is not easy to understand and setup the plugin. If you are a beginner or not so familiar with server settings and performance parameters, I will not recommend this plugin to you.

WP Super Cache is another popular caching plugin which is easy to use as compared to W3 Total Cache but is not the best. I am a big fan of WP Super Cache because of the CDN integration and Super Cache feature but I always missed the HTML, CSS and JS minification and concatenation feature. To get these things, I was forced to install Autoptimize plugin along with Super Cache.

And the Best Free WordPress Caching Plugin is: WP Fastest Cache

I installed WP Fastest Cache on WP Optimus and here is the result from GTMetrix:


WP Fastest Cache plugin is having everything that most of the WordPress sites need for performance improvement. And the most important thing is, it comes with simple UI which anyone can understand.

User Interface Makes Complex Things Simple

W3 Total Cache is having more features than Fastest Cache but still I recommend  WP Fastest Cache because of it’s UI. A very simple to use panel with even powerful options appearing as a checkbox.


Minify and Combine JS, CSS

Well, if your site is loading multiple JS and CSS files, check this option on setting panel to minify the files as well as combine to reduce the number of DNS requests.

GZip and Browser Caching

To serve the pages fast, you can enable GZip option which is recommended by Google PageSpeed as well as YSlow. And to leverage the browser cache, enable the “Browser Caching” option which will again improve your site speed score on GTMetrix.

CDN Integration

Settings page of WP Fastest Cache comes with CDN tab to allow you enable CDN services. CDN (Content Delivery Network) loads the static files like JS, CSS, Images etc. from the distributed servers to serve the pages fast. YOu can use the paid services like MaxCDN, Cloudflare or just enable the free service named Photon which comes with JetPack plugin of WordPress.


If you are not using any caching plugin on your WordPress site, check the GTMetrix report and Pingdom report. Install WP Fastest Cache plugin and re-check the same. If you see improvement in Page Load Time and Score, like and share this post with your friends and colleagues.


One thought on “The Best WordPress Caching Plugin You Need And it’s Free!

  1. raju ginne

    Now i am using Autoptimize w3tc and CloudFlare plugin for caching.

    w3tc adding 2 or more cache version files but auto optimize only one.

    CloudFlare extension with w3tc not working really, CloudFlare plugin also not useful for in this case.

    how we can load cached CSS, js from other CDN free or subdomain of self hosted.

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