How to get Access Token for Instagram new API

By Tejaswini Deshpande | August 11, 2016

Instagram rolled out new API which will also eventually help to buy instagram views with almost similar endpoints but different way to get the Client ID and Access Token. In one of my projects using the Instagram data at Acisni, a user can show his most recent Instagram pictures on her website. I was using code similar to below to fetch the user id and then the recent media images for the user: User ID in numeric Form)/media/recent/?client_id=client-id

This API was working before June 1, 2016, but stopped working after that. Now, according to the Instagram Platform Update release, each request needs an access token, and we can actually obtain the json data using the below GET request. User ID in numeric Form)/media/recent/?access_token=access-token

Obtaining Access Token

Here are the steps to get Access Token.

1.) Go to this url and click “Register Your Application”

2.) Click “Register a New Client” button.

3.) At the details section, fill the Application Name / Website URL / Valid redirect URIs and Contact email.

Registering Instagram Client for API use

4.) In security section, deselect the “Disable implicit OAuth” option and click register.

Disable Implicit OAuth while registering Instagram Client

Once you register the app/client, you will receive the success message with the client ID as follows:

New Client or App registered successfully on Instagram Developer Platform

5.) Replace the CLIENT_ID and REDIRECT_URL in the below link with the one you registered and click “Authorize” button.

6.) After click the authorize button, your browser will be redirect to the url with access token.

You can copy Access Token out to use while writing your GET requests.


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