TinyMCE Text Editor Alternative for WordPress

By | February 24, 2016

The default WordPress editor has two views one is the Visual and another is Text. Visual editor lets you add basic functionalities or effects to your content without having to touch any code whereas Text editor shows the code generated for the effects you applied on content from Visual editor. Text editor is user friendly for professional programmers or people interest in coding because they can directly add any required element through code to which the editor responds flawlessly.

But for those who expect something extra from Visual editor and do not want to touch code at all, for them WordPress have an amazing plugin called TinyMCE Advanced which enables the advanced features of TinyMCE, the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. This is the advance version of TinyMCE editor available on WordPress post/page edit panel.

TinyMCE Advanced Text Editor an alternative for WordPress:

TinyMCE Advanced is a great plugin that adds advanced TinyMCE functionality to the visual editor. This plugin adds some advanced features like graphical image mapping, the ability to create tables using an interface like Microsoft Excel, and a shortcodes manager. Refer the following image to know more about this plugin-

TinyMCE Editor

  1. File: From here you can add new document and print document.

TinyMCE Editor - File

2. Edit: Editing elements like cut, paste, copy, undo, etc are available here.

TinyMCE Editor - Edit

3. Insert: Insert/edit links, special characters, media, page breaks options are available here.

TinyMCE Editor - Insert

4. View: Show visual aids, fullscreen options are here.

TinyMCE Editor - View

5. Format: Make content bold, italic, strikethrough, etc from here.

TinyMCE Editor - Format

6. Table: Insert table with maximum rows and columns. Edit rows, columns, etc from here. This is the most amazing feature of this plugin.

TinyMCE Editor - Table

7. Tools: View the source code of any element you insert into editor.

8. Emoticons: Add your emotions in post using these awesome animated emoticons.

TinyMCE Editor - emoticons

This plugin will definitely add some really awesome features to your default editor. Use this plugin and enjoy the experience.

Apart from this plugin, you can also try ckEditor which comes with styling and other formatting features. If you are looking for better formatting without writing any piece of CSS or HTML, these text editors can be helpful.

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