Make Blog Posts Look Great with Specially Designed Images for Facebook and Twitter

By | February 23, 2016

Today Social media networking has become the most prominent place to make your product or service go viral with a few easy steps. Just write something and post it, let the people share it and in no time your post starts trending. But is it that easy? There are few important steps to follow that will make your post or blog or anything that you want get trending on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, reddit, etc.

According to me following are some very important points you should follow to make your article to reach maximum people:

  1. Your post title should be short and convincing. While you share it from your blog website to social media like Facebook it must show entire title instead of showing half with ellipses to show continuity.
  2. Your shared post must have proper link redirection otherwise it won’t open and may show errors to your viewers.
  3. A well fitted and well suited image that will first catch your viewers eye.

How to Specially Design Images for Facebook, Twitter to Make Posts Viral?

There are several tools available online to create, design and resize appropriate social sharing images, however, to create more impact you can hire a professional website development company that can create it for you.

Let us see some of the important and really useful ones in this article.



Canva lets you design any type of image that you want. It provides you with some advanced pre-built layouts to choose from. Then it has several elements like grids, frames, lines, shapes, icons, charts, illustrations and some more gets according to the special days like on Valentine’s Day it gives some valentine special elements that you can use for your image. Other than this it allows you to add text, background colors & textures, upload your own images from desktop, etc. Finally you can save and download the image for your post. Just sign up and you are ready to use, if all of this is to hard for you then be sure to contact a good company like TOLS Multimedia.



PicMonkey lets you edit image you upload or has different images provided within it to choose. You can add several effects to image like classic, retro, etc. If you are uploading image of some person then you can also give some basic touch up to their skin as well. It allows you to add overlay icons and designs which are pre-built and are amazing. It lets you add textures, themes and frames as well. You do not need to sign up for this. Its that easy to use.



Placeit is amazing tool for those who don’t want to create and design any image. Placeit provides you with several awesome ready to use mock ups with all the instructions about the size of image should be uploaded to create that mockup. Visit the given link and create social images within minutes with this amazing tool.


Pablo by buffer

Pablo is another wonderful tool to create eye catching social image. You can choose from several pre built images or upload your own. It lets you reposition, add contrast, blur the image, etc. Then you can add text, quotes, secondary text, logo. Most important it lets you make image tall – ideal for pinterest, square – ideal for instagram, wide which is ideal for facebook and twitter. Simply download once you are done.

PowerPoint Online:

PowerPoint Online

Create slides online with this tool. You will need a Microsoft Account to access this. But it is absolutely free.



Recite helps you to create images reading quotes. These days most popular social updates are quotes. You can take quotes to the next level by creating images from them. At Recite, simply enter your quote into the editor on the homepage, and choose a layout from the listed templates.

Social Image Resizer Tool:

social image sharing resizer tool

Social Image Resizer Tool lets you create optimized images for social media. Just upload your image and resize according to the ideal sizes listed in it (see above image).



Easel provides you with interactive layouts which allow you to embed charts, photos, and more. You can get started with a prebuilt template and then customize yourself or you can create your own infographic from start. Easel comes with a huge number of icons, shapes, and objects that you can drag-and-drop into your editor.

infogram is another tool similar to easel. It lets you embed video, maps, charts, and more into your infographic image. Create and publish beautiful visualizations of your data. Make interactive, responsive and engaging social sharing images.

These tools are great to start with social sharing images. This was all about creating social images but what about the size and loading time of these images on social media networks. You surely won’t like your shared post missing its image on time. To overcome this it is necessary to optimize your social images before uploading them. Here are some image optimizing tools available online:

  1. Kraken
  2. Jpeg-optimizer
  3. image-optimizer
  4. optimilla

Hope you found this article useful. All the best with amazing social sharing experience.

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