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By Karishma Sibal | December 3, 2015
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One of the best Plugin that allows sending newsletters from WordPress which is very simple to use and offers some advanced features.

One of the best marketing strategy to make your visitors aware about the products that you offer is through emails and newsletters. It is just like promoting your product to the group of people through email marketing. So newsletter widget can be considered as a very important plugin for your website.

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If your website isn’t compatible with this particular plugin, then just hire a website designer to fix the bug. The webcreationuk reviews appear to be very promising. There are so many plugins that are available to add the newsletter forms as well as to collect the emails. Among so many available but the one that comes with the simple interface and with more advanced options when compared with other WordPress plugins is MailPoet.

Note MailPoet plugin was earlier named as Wysija Newsletter WordPress plugin.

MailPoet WordPress Plugin

Features of MailPoet Plugin:

  • Autoresponders that can be set
  • Easy to import the subscribers
  • Getting stats in order to have a better understanding
  • Offering different free as well as the Premium themes.
  • It is very responsive.
  • Offers an editor with drag and drop feature
  • One can easily add the form that is integrated with mailpoet to get the information of the subscribers.
  • Sending email to the WordPress Users.
  • Creating different lists to distinguish between the users and keep a track.
  • Free version supports sending the newsletters up to 2000 subscribers.
  • Setting different roles for the Users to create newsletters and manage subscribers.

and the list goes on for this…

Steps to create Email Newsletter in MailPoet:

After you have downloaded and installed the MailPoet Plugin, one will find it on the dashboard of WordPress and follow the following steps:

Step 1] Ones the plugin is activated, MailPoet will appear on the WordPress Dashboard and go to:

MailPoet >> Newsletters

Step 2] It will give the listing of the Newsletters which will list out the details such as name, status, lists, modified on etc. Select Create a new email option from the top.


Step 3] Make the choice for the type of newsletter that you want which is either Standard or Automatic. If Automatic newsletter is selected then you will have to fill the details to schedule it. Add the subject line and select the list to whom email is to be send. Proceed further by selecting the Next step from the bottom.

Step 4] One can add the Logo, Content, Image, Social bookmarks, Footer, Footer Image from here. It is also easy to change as well as edit them.

Towards the right it will list out the widgets for the content that can be dragged and dropped, Images, Styles and Themes.


Before actually sending the email a preview can be send to an email address which is entered and one can proceed with the next step.

Step 5]  In this step the final details are to be checked and verified and the email can be either send or saved as draft.


Following this simple steps one can easily send Newsletter emails to the users very quickly and that also with a free plugin with many great features!

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