How to Edit Articles Directly from Front-end in WordPress

By Karishma Sibal | November 23, 2015

There are times when you are referring some content of your site and you found some mistake or something missing for it. During such time you need to login to the back-end, make the changes and see it on the front-end. This indeed becomes time consuming at times. It can also happen that you have noticed a particular text that needs to be changed and while logging back to the back-end you have skipped or forgot the thing that you were about to change. This indeed becomes frustrating and the wrong text remains as it is unless you cannot recall the change that you were about to make.

So one of the best plugin that can work best for you during such situation is the Front-end Editor. It is the plugin that allows to make changes to the content directly from the site. There is no need to login to the back-end just to correct a text or to add something.

Front-end Page

Features of Front-end Editor:

  • One can easily edit the posts, pages, custom post types directly from the front end.
  • Featured Image can also be added from the front-end.
  • It also becomes easy to change Status, Visibility and Author and update the same from the front end.
  • Saves the time as it allows to make the changes directly from the front-end.

front-end (1)

Changing and Adding New Category from front-end:

It is also possible to change as well as add a category for a post/ page from the front-end. It will list out All Categories as well as Most Used Categories. And while adding the category one can make the choice of the Parent Category from the drop down easily.

This plugin has been a great help to easily update and make all the necessary changes from the front-end that will save your time and efforts!

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