Set Image Attachment Link option to None as Default on Image Uploader

By | November 11, 2015

One of the post important factor that will play a major role while writing a blog post are Images. Believe me or not no matter how good you write and the command over the language is amazing, but if there are no images that are attached for a particular blog then it will be of no use. You cannot expect the visitors coming to your blog post to read each and every sentence. There are many who will go ahead with reading your article if they find the image to be eye catching and also going very well with your post. It won’t be wrong to say that images speak more than a simple plain text! Besides images also helps to grab lots of traffic from search engines and expresses your ideas in a better way.

Uploading Images from WordPress Blog Post:

One can easily upload as well as create image galleries in WordPress. But you must have noticed that whenever you add images to WordPress posts then it automatically links the image to the media file. In order to have a better SEO and have good traffic from the search engines, this is not a good practice. Also it is really hard to remember at times to keep this option as unchecked. There should be a way in which one should be able to set the attachment link to None.

3 Simple ways to set Image Attachment Link option to None:

1) Selecting the option as None each time: 

Every time when a author is posting an article and when an image is uploaded for the particular post then one can simply select the option disable the link each time. But every time one cannot remember to select this option. So it is not the best way to get rid of it.


2) Using Code Snippet:

One can also set the image attachment link option to none using the code. One will just have to paste this line on the theme’s functions.php file or in site- specific plugin. Now when an image will be selected to be inserted on the post then it will select the Link To setting as None instead of Media file.


3) Plugins:

There are certain plugins that are available that will help to set the image attachment link option to None and some of them are as listed below-

Using this plugin one can easily select default settings for image link when you upload or insert images. One can easily select default image link to None, Attachment Page, Media File or Custom URL. One will be able to change the link type and the links of images that were inserted in post/pages previously will never be modified. This plugin is also very useful for the web where publish multiple users that sometimes forget to select the correct link for each of the image uploaded/ inserted in posts/pages.

default image link

This plugin defaults the image link option to ‘none’ when adding an image to the page/post. With this Plugin the user sees that the image is a link and when he clicks it then he is taken to the page of just the image. This plugin runs the option on every page, so it is good to add the code on its own.

no link image

This plugin will automatically link the images to none in selecting and uploading the images in WordPress. By default when a user clicks to the particular image then they are taken to the image file. This affects the SEO traffic as the search engines can redirect the users to the link used for the images instead of the post. Using this plugin one can set the link to none by default in WordPress.

link images none

Using the above simple ways  one can set the image attachment link option to None when ever one uploads an image for the post. The main idea to set the the link option to none is to keep a proper track on the SEO traffic. If not set to none then this will affect the traffic as it will redirect the users to the link of the image. Following any of the above methods will be indeed a great help!

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