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By Editorial Staff | November 5, 2015
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On November 5, 2015
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Best WordPress Plugin that will help to improve the conversion rate as it will help to display the testimonials that is submitted by the users in multiple forms such as slider, grid and list.

Conversion rate can be defined as the percentage of site visitors who visit a website and perform a desired action.

Conversion rate is very important for long time business success as it is the first step that will help to increase the sale.

It also allows them to make most of the site traffic and effectively make more money without spending much on customer acquisition. But if you were to read on about maintaining a customer repository, you’d know that it isn’t all that exorbitant to invest in CRM tech.

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Importance of Conversion Rate:

Conversion rate plays a very important role for your business and below are some of the points that will highlight its importance:

  • Attracting more Visitors
  • Getting right kind of customers
  • Saves your money
  • Boost profit
  • Strengthens your business
  • Lessens the efforts

Besides these there are many more benefits of improving the Conversion rate that will attract more visitors to your site.

WordPress Plugin to increase the Conversion rate:

After knowing the importance of the conversion rate that is played for the business, a WordPress Plugin that will help to increase the conversion rate will be a great help! There are so many plugins that are available and to make a choice from them will confuse you. Among so many available, the best plugin that will help to increase the conversion rate is Rich Testimonial.

Rich Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Rich Testimonial helps to add the user submitted testimonials in multiple forms such as slider, grid and list. So one can easily reach the customers by giving a quick glance at page.

Some Features of Rich Testimonial Slider:

Rich Testimonial slider works great in converting the visitors into your valuable customers. And hence it also helps in improving and increasing the conversion rate. Besides this below are some of the features offered by Rich Testimonial.

  • Very simple to implement using short code, template tag and using widgets
  • Different Skins available from which the choice can be made
  • Good responsive affordable web design and works well on all the devices
  • Star ratings that will appear on the front end
  • SEO optimized as all the slides are indexed by Google or other Search Engines
  • Optimized images for the slider
  • Importing and Exporting the Setting sets from same or other domain
  • One can use Google Fonts on title and content
  • Changing width, height, effect, background color, text color, element location and others from the admin settings
  • No technical knowledge required, one can create the slider stylesheet that is suitable to ones theme

and the list goes on….

If one is looking for a slider that will help to improve the conversion rate then Rich Testimonial Slider is best suitable for you! I bet you will agree with me ones you have a Rich Testimonial Slider.

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