Add Product Comparison in WooCommerce WordPress Shop

By Karishma Sibal | November 2, 2015


If you are running a website that offers multiple products and there are lots of items that are available then it will definitely confuse your visitors. Even if you are offering with the best products and you have an amazing people in the support team but if the visitor is not able to make the right decision from so many available then your efforts would be of no use. There should be a way in which they can see the features that are offered by the particular product and then decide the product that is best suited for them.

So it is good to have a WordPress Plugin that will help you out to compare with the different products that are available. Comparison of products in WooCommerce WordPress Shop will help you to analyze and study the particular product and to find the one that is best for you and will benefit you for your business.

Advantages of WooCommerce Comparison Plugins:

  1. Comparison of product helps the users to go through the features that are offered and give a better decision.
  2. Customers gets to know about the different choices that are available for the particular product that they are looking for.
  3. This also saves the time of the customers as they do not have to go through each and every product and easily find the one through comparison.
  4. This will also avoid the confusion for the customers as they can easily make the appropriate choice.

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Plugins for Product Comparison in WooCommerce WordPress Shop:

There are different plugins that are available that will provide adding the product comparison in WooCommerce WordPress Shop. To list the few of them that are available:

This plugin helps to add a World Class Compare Products Feature to the WooCommerce Store. It provides with compare products extension for WooCommerce which has the product comparison feature that one will find on the big corporate e-commerce sites. Its Pro Version is fully integrated with the WooCommerce Product Categories, Attributes and their terms. It allows to compare the chosen products side-by-side, feature by feature and price by price. It is independent of theme, any changes or update in the themes will not effect the layout and the styles that is created. It is optimized for all legacy browsers on IOS and on Windows7 to 8.1 which also includes IE8 to IE10. It is very responsive plugin. It also provides with the Product Express Manager that will help to save the time. Comparison of videos and audios can also be done very easily through this plugin.

woocommerce compare

It will allow you to compare more products of the shop in one complete table. This plugin is the extension of the WooCommerce Plugin that allows the user to compare some of the products of the shop. It uses the one complete table where all the products are saved and the user can see the difference between the products very easily. There can be also simple widgets that can be added with the list of products that are been added by the users and it can be easily managed. This plugin is fully compatible with WPML. The compare table can also be customized very easily, one just needs to copy the template from the plugin folder and paste it inside the folder “woocommerce” of the theme folder. WooCommerce compatibility is up to 2.4.x.


The customers can compare side-by-side multiple choices of the product on a common pop up window using this plugin. This plugin is very useful to the users who wants to compare the different products along with their features which allows the customers to see all of their comparable choices on a common pop up window. This helps the customers to find out the choice that is best suitable for them and the eliminate the those that is unsuitable. It provides with the enhancement of the customer’s product selection process. There are different options that are available to compare the product features. This plugin works very well with the current WooCommerce Version.


WooCommerce Compare List plugin has the ability to easily compare the products of WooCommerce driven shop. It provides with simple and easy to use and setup products compare features. One can also use the products-compare shortcode to embed compare tables and WooCommerce Recent Compares widget in order to help the users to get back to their compares. It uses the endpoints technique to build SEO friendly URLs for compare page. This will allow the users to share their compare list between their friends that will help them to choose the product. After this plugin is installed one needs to go to the WooCommerce settings page. A new tab Compare list will appear and it will consist of the settings such as Compare page, Show in catalog, Show in product page, Endpoint slug, Compare button text and Remove button text.



This plugin is used to compare the WooCommerce Products into the WordPress site. It is a user friendly plugin that is specially built to compare the products of the website. If one is running a woocommerce based shopping site then comparis is the ideal solution for your business. It has a responsive design and also compatible with twitter bootstrap. It also offers advanced filtering with search keywords, category, brand and Specification. It provides with Product category and sub category listing up to second level. It allows to upload category, sub-category icon/ image and brand logo image.


These are some of the plugins that are available that help to add product comparison in WooCommerce WordPress shop. This will help the customers to easily compare with the products that are available and to have the better understanding about the features that are offered. It will definitely ease the work of the visitors and help them to make a wise decision!

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