HTML Tags to Change the Location of Minified JS and CSS by WP-Minify WordPress Plugin

By Tejaswini Deshpande | March 24, 2011

If your WordPress blog is loading lot many JavaScript and CSS files in the header area of the blog, it is recommended to use WP-Minify WordPress plugin. It will reduce the DNS lookup, JS and CSS sizes and will load your website much faster.

But the problem with WP-Minify is that it loads the minified JS and CSS at the top. That means, when you will see the HTML source of your blog page, you will find minified JS and CSS loading even before the title and description meta. It is totally fine with the users but in case you are serious about throwing title, description, keyword meta data at the top of the page for SEO purpose, then I would suggest you to use HTML tags.


The developer of WP-Minify plugin named Thaya has added html tags from the version 0.8.0. Here is the template tag of the plugin.

<!-- WP-Minify JS -->
<!-- WP-Minify CSS –>

Paste the above code in the HTML template file i.e. header.php to place the minified JS and CSS at a location as per your need. I would recommend to add them just below the normal CSS and JS call in the header section of the template file.

This way you can place minified JS and CSS on your blog to let them load as per your choice. This will give you more control on the object loading for your blog as well as will let you serve SEO related meta data at first to the search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Did you find this post helpful? Do you think minified JS and CSS placement is important?

One thought on “HTML Tags to Change the Location of Minified JS and CSS by WP-Minify WordPress Plugin

  1. hakan

    Thanks for info. I think to use this plugin but I’m not sure about how is seo friendly.

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