How to Reduce Server Response Time for WordPress Sites

By Karishma Sibal | October 29, 2015

The time between the web browser requesting something from the server and the web server responding to that request back is the Server Response Time. The most frustrating and annoying thing for the visitor is that when he has requested for a page and he has to wait for long to view a particular page. Due to this there is a possibility for a visitor to leave the page that was requested and obviously there are chances to loose the customers. Moreover if you are running a WordPress site then definitely it will effect the Google Search rank for your site. Also Google prefers the fast loading websites in their search results. Know how much a server cost before choosing it.

Caching Plugin for your WordPress Site:

One of the best way to improve the speed of the WordPress site is through using a Caching Plugin. Caching can be considered as a place that consists of various methods that will boost the speed of the loading website. Thus cache plugins will save the dynamically generated HTML files and serve them from the cache whenever the request is made for them.  It will optimise the JavaScript and CSS files by compressing them. It will result the site to load quickly for all its visitors. Can you work somewhere else while on workers compensation? Visit to find out.

Factors that decide a good Cache Plugin for your site

The below factors will help you to decide the Cache Plugin that is best suited for your WordPress site:

  • Simple to understand and implement:

The plugin that is selected should be easy to understand and one should find it very simple to implement. There should be certain documentation that should be available to implement it as well as there should be the support provided for the same.

  • Includes Database Caching:

Most of the plugin has page caching that is included, it should also include database caching that most of the plugins lack. It is very helpful if you are dealing with some complex database queries.

  • Compressing the Files:

One of the main factor that is to be looked upon while choosing a Cache plugin is that it should compress the static files and that will help to save a lot of space on the servers.

  • Features and Functionality of the Plugins:

There are some of the plugins that are available that comes up with more features as well as the functionality, this will help to improve the response time of the sites.

Popular Caching WordPress Plugins:

It is one of the fastest caching engine for WordPress that produces the static html files. After the html file is generated then it will serve that file instead of serving the heavier WordPress PHP scripts. It also supports Content Delivery Networks. When the visitor lands on a page then the pages are normally cached ones.


It is the only WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework. Most of the Web host company recommends this plugin. Some of its key features includes improving server experience, increasing server performance, reducing download time and providing CDN Integration.


WP Rocket provides with minimal configuration and also immediate results for it. It offers with Page caching, Cache Preloading and Static Files Compression. It is very easy to configure this plugin and it has divided the settings area into seven sections. It also supports CDNs and one can easily export the plugin settings to other websites.


WP Fastest Cache:

It is one of the fastest WP cache system. It creates static html files from the dynamic WordPress blog. It offers minification, GZIP compression, browser caching and also providing an option to combine the Javascript and CSS files. Setting up of this plugin is very simple process.


It is the plugin that is used to get the maximum speed of the WordPress blog. It is purely PHP that is why it works on every blog. It also supports 404 error page caching and works well with plugins that add the custom post types.


Listed above are some of the great Caching plugins, that will definitely help to improve the response time for your sites and help in attracting more visitors!

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