10 Ways to Make WordPress Site Viral on Social Media

By Karishma Sibal | November 21, 2015

Every one of us still remembers the basic needs of man that we learned in our childhood days. Those were Food, Clothing and Shelter. To give it a little twist with the present scenario, the fourth need would definitely be SOCIAL MEDIA! The best way to share your feelings, emotions and status with your closed and near ones is through Social Media. And as now you don’t pray for the youtube views to come cause you can just hire a company to generate more views on your videos, thus getting popular has become even more simpler. 10 years back there were only youngsters that were so much involved in Social Media activities but now…… be it a 70 year old man he too is so curious to update his status. It has indeed become a part and parcel of everyone’s life and the best means to communicate with your past as well as present.

According to the statistics of Social network there will be around 2.13 billion social network users around the globe by 2016. Through the stats one gets to know the large kingdom that this Social Media rules around the globe!

People Sharing Content on Mobile

Social Media for your Business:

Social Media plays a key role for any business’s marketing and client base development platform (see this page for more info). The main purpose is to involve and engage more people for your business through Social Media. Thus, using Facebook ads in your Fort Collins digital marketing strategy is very effective. If used wisely then Social Media can be a very powerful tool for your business. No matter you are involved in what business but the key to success is to know your audience, and that’s why using the best marketing tools from services like the rank way online is a great option for this. You may also want to check out here how to buy TikTok likes to keep your audience on the platform for as long as possible!

Before getting the clients involved to your business through Social Media ask yourself a set of questions and if you get a positive revert for them then definitely you could proceed further and those are:

  • Will I be able to engage the targeted audience through Social Media?
  • Will my team be able to post the articles frequently on Social Media to engage the customers?
  • Will I be able to post quality content to attract more audience?
  • Will I be able to distinguish between the audience and their interest in different social medias?(LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.)

If the answers to all the above question is YES then the below features for making the WordPress Site viral in Social Media will definitely help you.

10 Ways to Make WordPress Site Viral on Social Media:

1) Content that relates to the audience:

Always post the content that will relate well with your audience on the Social Media. Keep the content up to date and highlight the features that you offer that will definitely target the audience.

2) Publicize your content:

After the content has been published on your site it is very necessary to share and publicize your content across the Social Media account. One can share the content on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit and other social media sharing sites to publicize the content. You can as well buy Reddit accounts and get maximum reach.

3) People commenting on Social Media page:

The best way to engage your audience on Social Media is by allowing them to post comment on the social media page. Comments will allow the people to share their views and also allow for the better interaction between the product.

4) Icons for Social Media:

It is always good to include the social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.) to the sidebar or towards the footer where the audience can easily notice it. There are different ways through which these icons for social media can be added and one of the best way is through the Placid Slider.

5) Reviving the Content:

It is always good to update and modify your content and then repost it on the social media. This will help to revive the older content and give people a new piece of content with the latest updates. It is also worth having a good look at trend analysis for your business, and https://www.inetsoft.com/company/trend_analysis/ is the best tool for that.

6) Integrating with Social Media activity:

Integrating the social media activity with the post will give a new look to it. The best way to achieve it is through embedding the content. One can share the links by pasting it on the visual editor.

7) Adding widgets for your site:

Depending upon the theme that is selected one can select the widget that one wants to get appeared on the website. It becomes really simple when one uses a widget to show the social media activity that is performed. This helps to showcase the social media activity on one centralized place.

8) Don’t Boast:

The main idea to engage the audiences through social media is to build up more fans and followers for your brand/product. Most of the people hate the brands that boast around and do a lot of self promotion. Due to this they loose their followers.

9) Share Buttons:

The best way to share the content easily through Social medias and to involve more audience is through sharing buttons. One can activate this option towards the bottom so that one can easily like as well as share the content.

10) Perfect time to post the content:

The most important factor to make your site viral on social media is by deciding the best time for posting the content. According to me this factor depends upon the audience to which you want to target and where they are located. There will be different time zones that will be followed and accordingly the time to post the content is to be decided.

According to a stats the engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays for Facebook. And for Twitter the engagement of the audience 17% higher on weekends.

Depending upon the different social media platform that are present the popularity or the engagement of the audience might differ accordingly. It is impossible to gain popularity and endorse your brand on different social media platforms in a single day, just as the saying “Rome was not built in a day.”  It requires constant efforts and different strategies that you and your team build to target the audience. Ones you achieve it then definitely you will be able to rule the wide kingdom of Social Media!