Add Halloween Effect and Scare Visitors on WordPress Sites

By Karishma Sibal | October 26, 2015

31 st of October celebrated as Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. Its origin lie in ancient customs regarding death or the praying for souls. It is the time when people dress up like ghosts and indeed demand for gifts or sweets while praying for the departed souls. Everything looks so weird and wonderful when you see zombies, ghosts, ghouls and demons everything around you! People decorate their house in the spirit of Halloween. They just select a particular theme for their house like the haunted house or cemetery and enjoy the spirit.

Everyone plans to implement this Halloween effects for their business. Even everyone is excited to use this Halloween themes for their websites to attract their visitors. There are different Halloween styled WordPress Themes and Plugins that are available. It will be a real fun to add Halloween effect for your site and to scare the visitors who are visiting your website and that will definitely help to attract more visitors to your site.

Top 5 Halloween WordPress Plugins:

This is one of the plugin that was developed with WordPress Revolution. This is a free Plugin that can be used by all and can be easily customized. There is a short code that is generated and when it is called generates a pop up that mimics a noise and then displays a scary. An image/gif that is halloween themed partway through the duration of the effect.


DW Halloween is designed by DesignWall Team which is very simple to install as well as configure. It displays a message for the WordPress site and creates the funky flying pumpkins with this message. It is capable of creating the custom post type Pumpkins. One is also able to set as many pumpkins, animation, text, speed, path, image size and many more things from the dashboard.


Halloween Countdown is a very simple plugin that does not require any additional settings. The plugin doesn’t store anything on the WordPress database. One just needs to add the shortcode [hcount] to any page, post or the Text widget.


Halloween Countdown Widget will display a cute vampire countdown in the sidebar. It is also possible to change the color of the countdown by editing the CSS depending upon the needs. One can edit the hallocount.php file CSS to suit the needs. There will be this line: color: #FFFFOO: and one can edit the changes accordingly. It is very simple and easy to implement.


It is a very simple countdown plugin that helps to create Halloween countdown for the WordPress site. This plugin is so user-friendly that ones it is installed then one can place the shortcode where ever one wants. The shortcode can be given an id attribute that can be used to style the output using CSS. In order to output the countdown the shortcode that is used for it [pcf_hwn_countdown]. There are 3 different Output types that are available and one can easily make a choice from them. If the type attribute is not specified then it will take ‘days’ as default.


The above listed Halloween Themes and Plugins for WordPress will help to give a new feel and look to your website and surely be a great help to attract more and more visitors to your site. All these WordPress Plugins is indeed a gift on halloween for all the WordPress lovers. Choose the appropriate plugin to scare your visitors…

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