Find WordPress Plugins Installed on a Website

By | October 27, 2015


According to a few jewelry web designers, most of the websites are build with WordPress and one of the best things that you can do for your website is by installing a WordPress Plugin. One of the main advantage of a WordPress Plugin is that if you want to make the changes in the functionality so instead of changing the core programming in WordPress, one can directly add the functionality using the WordPress Plugins. There are many of the WordPress Plugin that are available for free that can help to improve the functionality of the website.  To give you the stats for the WordPress Plugins there are about 40,761 plugins with about 1,068,506,051 downloads.

Manually checking the WordPress Plugins that are installed:

Whenever a new WordPress site is released one of the main thing of concern is the plugins that are being used for the particular WordPress site. One of the most tiresome and time consuming way to check the WordPress Plugin that is been installed is by checking it manually. It involves checking one site after the other in order to find the traces of the particular plugin that is being installed. This was not at all a good idea to keep a check on all the plugins.

Great tool to find the Plugins installed:

There was a great tool that was being developed by the Earth People where one can check any site for the WordPress Plugins. Earlier the tool was developed for them which was only for the internal use but now anyone can use this Plugin. This tool is WordPress Plugin Checker to keep the track of the plugins that are installed.

Limitations of WordPress Plugin Checker:

Such a great tool that will help you to detect the WordPress Plugins that are being installed in your site but the one thing that will pull you back from installing this plugin is one of its limitations. Currently one can detect only their plugins and 50 most popular plugins using this tool. Other than this, other plugins cannot be detected.

Despite of this limitation which can be ignored, this plugin is surely very helpful to the users and a time saving tool to find the plugins installed on WordPress Powered Sites!

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