WordPress 4.4 – All You Need to Know

By Karishma Sibal | October 19, 2015

WordPress 4.4 Coming Soon

One of the most popular blogging software on the market since 2003 is WordPress. Everyone agrees with the fact that WordPress is one of the most prominent CMS. Right from Website Management, SEO, Design for the website, Plugins, Multiple users are managed easily with WordPress. To give you a short statistics related to WordPress: The keyword “WordPress” alone receives over 4,50,000 exact match searches every month. WordPress 4.3 has been downloaded 20,413,334 times.

WordPress Team has announced the release of WordPress 4.4 which is scheduled to be released by the end of this year. The release leads for WordPress 4.3 and 4.4  was announced by Andrew Nacin (Lead Developer at WordPress) on April 2, 2015. Konstantin Obenland was announced as a release lead for WordPress 4.3 and Scott Taylor was the lead for WordPress 4.4 . Scott Taylor also published a post WordPress 4.4 wishlist where one can put forward their views and features from WordPress 4.4

New updates for WordPress 4.4 include:

  • Twenty Sixteen default WordPress Theme :

With the release of WordPress 4.4 there will have a new default theme to replace Twenty Fifteen and that theme is Twenty Sixteen. Tammie Lister has published it on the WordPress Core site that shows of the design of Twenty Sixteen. Twenty Sixteen theme is designed by Takashi Irie. According to Takashi the new theme is a modernized approach of an ever-populated layout that works well with both blogs as well as the websites. The themes looks great on all the devices as it is designed on harmonious fluid grid with a mobile first approach.

  • Rearranging the fields to the Comment form:

The comment textarea will be moved to the top for the logged out users while replying according to the update that is given by Aaron Jorbin. The main reason behind this was to make it easier for the end users to leave comments on WordPress sites.  Due to this change some filters and actions will now be running in the different order. The HTML output by comment_form will now be different. If there are any of the hooks inside comment_form, especially comment_form_field_comment and comment_form_after_fields developers should test their themes and plugins.

Screen-Shot-2015-09-25-at-4.58.05-PM-1024x992 (1)

  • Removes View Post and Get Shortlink Buttons from the Post Editor:

According to the ticket that was submitted by Scribu 4 years ago, she suggested to remove the “View Post” button next to the sample permalink which is and to make the sample permalink itself clickable. Besides the View Post Button the Get Shortlink button is also removed. This change will remove the redundant functionality.

WP44PermalinkEditor (1)

  • Restriction on Shortcode Names:

There will be a slight restriction for the names of registered shortcodes by disallowing angle braces. The < and > character will no longer be allowed in the $tag parameter  of add_shortcode(). There will be the error message that will be given while attempting to register an invalid shortcode name.

[ ] < >  /  &    are the characters that will be forbidden in shortcode names.

“non-printing characters” including spaces, tabs, new lines and other control sequences are also forbidden.

  • REST API: Merge Proposal :

In order to get the date in WordPress externally the easy way to do so is through REST API.  It is designed in such a way that it is ground up for modern mobile and browser usage.  It is considered as a milestone moment for a open source project. There is a plan aimed to have the infrastructure merged in 4.4 and the endpoints merged one release later in 4.5

  • Changing Filter Priorities (4.5):

In order to correct the Priority problems the first step would be reducing the do_shortcode filter priority from 11 to 9, thus causing it to run earlier as compared with the other filters. The main factor of concern after those changes would be impact of those filters after the shortcode is processed. wptexturize() function ie. the curly quotes will avoid the shortcode output by default so that it does not cause unexpected changes for the plugins. New options that will be added for shortcode registration.

Shortcodes will be able to turn on and turn off the paragraphs feature for each registered shortcode name. This will be a larger challenge of the 4.5 milestone.

  • HTML Attributes Parsing becomes Opt- In Only (4.6):

Shortcodes appearing inside of HTML attributes such as requires extra processing. Currently it is performed in many situation where it would not be necessary if these shortcodes were not allowed. So in 4.6 it would be necessary to register an additional option with each shortcode name that need to be used inside of HTML attributes. The websites that do not use the shortcode, the extra processing will still be skipped for each post that doesn’t use these specific shortcodes.

The registration option for the plugin will be available in 4.5 and it would be required in 4.6. If the Plugins are not updated by 4.6 it would not work when used outside of HTML attributes.

Release Date of WordPress 4.4:

The beta releases of WordPress 4.4 is scheduled to be released by October and November. And the target date for release of WordPress 4.4 is December 8

We will keep you updating on the same…

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