Best Tabber WordPress Plugin in terms of Performance and Features

By Karishma Sibal | September 30, 2015

Everyone is very excited when one is building a WordPress site for the business. One needs to have the best WordPress themes and plugins that will surely drive the visitors to your site. You have everything ready, the content and features that you want to showcase on your site but you find it difficult to represent it. There are times when you have lot of content for a particular feature but you feel that it should not hamper the presentation of your site.

So in order to save the space and also represent all the content of the website in a better way one can use Tabs.

Why should I use Tabs for my website?

  • Organized way to represent the content:

The content gets divided into various sections and becomes easy to access the content in the organized way.

  • Reduces Space:

Since the content gets divided into different sections so the space required for it is also reduced. Large content can be represented on a single page with different sub sections in a systematic manner.

  • Freedom to read what one wants:

Since the content is represented in the form of tab, it gives freedom to the users to access the contents in which they are interested rather than going through the whole content.

  • Attract Visitors:

Adding tabs to your website will make it more pleasant. The space for the website can be organized in a better way. If you were to read this article, you’d know that this is only one of the ways through which you can attract visitors. There are a myriad more. There can be different sections that can be added for the sites and thus the visitors can access all the information easily due to which it will attract more customers. This strategy has always been overt in many of the clickfunnels alternative softwares that marketers use to attract customers.

Factors that decide the best Tabber WordPress Plugin for the website:

The best way to choose a WordPress plugin will be based on its Performance and Features. If they are kept in mind then it will help you to make a better choice for your website.

  • Easy to implement it on the front end:

One should be able to easily implement it on the front end by following the simple steps such as Short codes, Template tags or Quick tags. Even a person with no technical knowledge should find it simple to display it on the front end.

  • Customizable:

The tabs that are added should be customizable. One should be able to change the color and font of the tab. Also there should be a way by which the location of the tab can be decided.

  • Nested Tabs:

One should be able to add a tree like structure for the tabs. For the proper management of space and to distinguish between the features there should be different sections or nested tabs that can be added.

  • Improving SEO:

It should also help to improve the SEO if it is configured properly. Manage your business data in search engines, directories and maps via easy listing management and solutions. It also helps a great deal to have a top-class reporting dashboard for your business, as you can then use that data in the best way possible.

  • Disable Plugin resources:

There should be a way to disable plugin resources on the Posts and Pages and to activate the resources on selected posts. This will avoid the JS to be loaded multiple times and will be loaded only for the required pages.

  • Importing/ Exporting Setting Set:

A Tabber WordPress plugin that allows importing Settings Set by uploading the Settings file and also exporting it will make the work more easier and that can be used whenever required.

There are many Tabber WordPress Plugin that are available but considering the above points one should find the one that will meet with all the requirements. It is always good to study your website and compare the features and performance with different plugins that are available. The plugin that guarantees you with all the features and the performance of the tabs will be the best suited for your website. Choice is always yours!

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