How to Create Logo Slider using Client Logos and Brands

By | May 29, 2015
Review of: Placid Slider
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On May 29, 2015
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Perfect solution for a logo slider or to showcase client logos and brand images in footer area or anywhere on the site. Placid Slider WordPress Plugin is recommended by WP Optimus.

You must have seen popular and authentic site’s logos appearing at the bottom of a site. It helps in building a trust with the visitors and also helps in showcasing the work by showing the logo of existing clients. To get more attraction and utilize the bottom area, one can also try using carousels to show more brand images or logos in limited space. As it keeps sliding, there will be more chance to get it noticed. That’s why thousands of people search for a good logo slider for their website a month.

Today I will review a very nice Logo Slider named Placid Slider from SliderVilla. It is a premium carousel for WordPress which creates an awesome, elegant smooth scrolling slider using the brand images or logos of the websites or company.


Some of the features of Placid Slider are such as,

  • On-hover color/grey-scale effect
  • Special Skin to create 1-Click logo slider
  • Link slides to external or internal links
  • 20+ transition effects
  • Drag and Drop slide reorder
  • Responsive Design
  • 100% customization from dedicated settings page
  • Slide WooCommerce and WP Ecommerce products
  • Slide Events created from Events Manager and Events Calendar plugins
  • Change Speed, Delay etc. from Settings page
  • WPML and mqTranslate compatible
  • Create recent posts smooth scrolling slider
  • Create category slider
  • Shortcode, Template Tag and Widget options to embed
  • And many more premium features

There are many WordPress plugins available on repository or other sources but the logo sliders created out of Placid looks awesome because of the pre-loaded skins and effects.

What to Expect in a Logo Slider?

When someone needs a logo slider for his website, what are the points which comes into his mind? Well, some of the important things which should come are,

  1. How to upload and manage logos?
  2. What will happen if logos are of different sizes?
  3. Whether continuous scrolling is good or step scrolling?
  4. Should I link to the external sites?
  5. Where I should place the Logo Slider?
  6. How to make it stand out in the footer area so that people will take a look at my existing clients?
  7. It should be easy to maintain i.e. if I want to replace a particular logo with other, it should be easy to do
  8. What will happen to my site’s page load time
  9. Do I need to learn PHP, HTML,JS for the same
  10. In case of WordPress updates or conflicts, I may need support from the developer

Well, if you also have these questions in mind when deciding for a logo slider, I would say, Placid Slider is the answer for these. It is very easy to upload, reorder and remove the slides using Placid’s Easy Builder panel. You can edit the slides and add external or internal links to each slide without much effort.

Using the template tag, you can embed Placid Slider anywhere on your existing theme.Apart from that, you can use shortcode and widget options as well to embed the slider.

The grey-scale effect will make the Logos stand out in the footer area as once the visitors will hover their mouse on the slide images or logos, the real color of the logo will reveal. It looks awesome as seen on the Placid’s demo page.

Regarding the after sale support, SliderVilla is well-known for its support ninjas. I heard about the same from few people who think  the support is awesome over there, and to test that, I tried it by myself. I received a reply regarding one query related to Placid only within 10 minutes.  Support staff is very helpful and on-request they also install and setup the slider on your site without any extra charges.


Based on my experience with the Placid Slider from SliderVilla, if you are looking for a logo slider for your WordPress site, Placid is your perfect answer. The slider is also available for non-WordPress sites where you can use the slider generator to get the HTML embed code with your images and details.

Note – SliderVilla offers 30 Days money-back guarantee on its products, so you can try Placid without worrying about anything.

I recommend Placid Slider to use as a logo slider on WordPress sites.

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