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By Sanjeev Mishra | June 12, 2014
Goal set for 150 words and color auto changed

Goal set for 150 words and color auto changed

It is recommended to write long and details articles with in-depth research and dense keywords. Of course quality matters but quantity does also play an important role. It is highlighted at so many places that Google and other search engines also like detailed articles rather than just short piece of content. Search Engine Land created a video explainig SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and here he also highlights the important of the length of content.  If you’re managing more than one website, SEO tools can help you assess each site’s performance on the fly.  Get the best free seo tools, they provide reports about how you measure up to competitors and where the greatest opportunities lie. What’s more, they allow you to measure search performance countries, regions, or languages.

So how many words are enough for a good SEO? Well it depends on the topic that you are writing about but I would say that articles and posts should have minimum 300 words if you want to start getting WordPress to rank higher (its like under that you are in critical zone, don’t press the publish button) but you can write more than 500 words if you have that much details.

To achive this minimum level target, you should keep any eye on the number of words written in the article. WordPress editor shows the number of words at bottom-left corner of the editor but that is not very encouraging as you need to keep checking that number. We at WPOptimus developed a plugin named ‘Editor Color on Word Count which is available for free on WordPress repository, helps you in achieving the set goal of word count.

It is a simple plugin which changes the background color of the editor based on the number set on settings panel. For example, you can set value as,

Set Goals on Settings Page

0 – 100 words –  Red

101 – 200 words – Yellow

201 – 500 words – Green

501+ – Blue and so on

once you reach 200 words on editor, it automatically changes the color to Yellow and you keep writing. Now you know that you have crossed 200 word counts and once you reach 300, it changes to green. (Well, I just crossed 300 words and the editor changed to green)  Isn’t it cool that you are always notified about your achievements in terms of number of words? Yes, it is.

I am using this plugin since last couple of weeks and with my 5+ years of blogging experience, I can tell you that you will love this plugin for sure.

Settings Panel

The number of words can be changed from settings page of the plugin. YOu can set any number as your goals and the plugin will work accordingly.

You can customize the background color and choose to have colors of your own choice. There is a color picker present for all goals and you can easily set color of your choice. Apart from that, you can define as many goals as you want and have a colorful editor.

If you have any suggestions or feedback related to this plugin, please feel free to post comment below or send us a tweet.  Keep blogging.

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