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Solution for Old WordPress Installation Not Allowing sub-directories in Network

Few days ago, I was trying to enable WordPress Network (Multisite) feature on one of my old WordPress site as WordPress 3.0 and above are having inbuilt (but hidden) Network feature. When I started that site, there was no need to have multiple sites with their own dashboard, posts, pages etc. but later on I thought to have different sites with one Network Admin control. This way I can let others manage different sites with different content and also monitor all of them with Network Admin control. The site was few months old and when I injected the below mentioned code in wp-config.php file to activate the Network,

define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

I got a message on network page saying,

Because your install is not new, the sites in your WordPress network must use sub-domains. The main site in a sub-directory install will need to use a modified permalink structure, potentially breaking existing links.

I was sure that I don’t need sub-domains for my new sites but I wanted sub-directories only. So that I can actually forward the backlinks and Google PageRank easily to my new sites. But since my site or say Installation was more than 1 month old, WordPress was not allowing to have sub-directories. The reason behind it is that when you opt for sub-directories, WordPress actually adds a term “/blog” at the start of your site’s permalink structure. And if you will enable the sub-directories structure of Network sites, you may break the old permalink structure and may lose old backlinks and Google PR juice.

But as I was not using the site to get traffic from search engine, I was sure to have sub-directories only. Finally I got the simple solution to get that.

So what is the solution?

To have sub-directories structure on old WordPress installation while activating the Network feature, you just need to add the following code in your current theme’s functions.php file.

add_filter( 'allow_subdirectory_install',
	create_function( '', 'return true;' )

That’s it. Now reload the Network page from Dashboard and you will see option to choose between sub-domain and sub-directory. Once you complete the Network activation process by adding the wp-config.php and htaccess code suggested on next page on Dashboard, you may remove the code from functions.php or even can change the theme template.

I hope this simple tutorial helps you in getting sub-directory structure on WordPress Network site with old installation.

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Create Colorful Surveys and Polls on WordPress with Colored Vote Polls Plugin

WordPress has won so many awards for being the most favorite Content Management System (CMS). Now a days, people are using WordPress platform as an e-commerce site, online journalism platform, as a Wiki, to showcase real estate portfolio and many more purposes. And of course it is the most recommended platform for blogging. Now if you want to take feedback from your site’s visitors or limited people in your organization, you need a survey or poll platform. There are so many independent survey platforms on web or even are few WordPress plugins available to use, but I am going to talk about the most colorful, beautiful and easy to use online survey plugin for WordPress.

Colored Vote Polls is an amazing WordPress plugin to create questionnaire for surveys and polls in no time. If you are already having the set questions and set of answers, you can create and put the survey live in less than 5 minutes. Features of this plugin is well suited for people who wants to create a simple survey to collect the feedback and to analyze the data.


Features of Colored Vote Polls

  • Very easy to install and use
  • All options available on WordPress Dashboard (Admin Panel)
  • No need to register yourself anywhere
  • Have mandatory or optional questions in one questionnaire
  • Share the vote results even without voting
  • Visitors may add more questions from survey page
  • One can differentiate between answers by looking at their colors
  • Stats in percentage to give better visual results
  • Analyze the most answered or preferred question out of the questionnaire
  • You can use this plugin to prioritize the tasks in an organization
  • Paste shortcode inside posts or pages to embed the newly created surveys



Colored Vote Polls is a fully capable plugin to create questionnaires and online surveys and it gives proper stat as well (including total votes). It is a nice plugin for creating and analyzing a simple survey but professional users may find few options missing here. For example, in Colored Vote Polls, one can provide the same set of answers to all questions under one survey. If you want to have different answers for different questions, then it is not possible with the current version of this plugin. In result analysis, you get stat like total vote per survey but you don’t get the location of the voter.


I think this WordPress plugin is a handy tool to create beautiful survey / questionnaire page to get feedback on certain queries. It is also very useful for creating a set of tasks to get feedback from users to prioritize them. But still there are some ‘good to have’ features which may come in next version of the plugin to make this one a professional tool for PRO users. I would advice you to try this plugin and see if it covers your requirements.

Rating – 7/10