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WordPress Plugin to Help You Write Long Articles

It is recommended to write long and details articles with in-depth research and dense keywords. Of course quality matters but quantity does also play an important role. It is highlighted at so many places that Google and other search engines also like detailed articles rather than just short piece of content. Search Engine Land created […]

6 Plugins to Enable Social Media oAuth login in WordPress

oAuth is a protocol for developing password-less APIs. oAuth is a way for an application to interact with a service on a user’s behalf without having to know the user’s credentials. To begin, you will need to send the user to the authorization endpoint. Client ID should be set to your application’s client id. Redirect_uri […]

22+ Best Plugins to Integrate Google Web Fonts in WordPress

Tired of regular font in your blog? Want to switch to artistic Google Web Fonts? Well, It involves editing some theme files and I know everyone is not comfortable doing that.  If you don’t want to edit files then take a look at the following Best WordPress Plugins to Integrate Google Web Fonts in WordPress: This […]

Best WordPress Plugins to Ajaxify WordPress Site and Comments

AJAX means Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Many WordPress plugins use AJAX these days to improve their own usability because it enhances your site. If you write a comment & post it, then it doesn’t appear instantly, instead it loads the whole page again with the added comment.Similar is the case with the other links on […]

Add Collapsible FAQs in WordPress using Shortcode

I was designing a FAQ’s page & I wanted to add questions panel which after clicking on it will expand to show the hidden answer content. I started searching for the solution & I came across a simple yet best WordPress plugin for collapsible content. The Collapse-O-Matic WordPress plugin was key to all my requirements. So […]