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10 WordPress Plugins to Make Podcasts Easy

Podcasting is distributing audio or video content via RSS 2.0, or Atom. Podcast clients such as iTunes, Juice, or CastPodder (linux) allow listeners to subscribe to your RSS/Atom feed and automatically download your content to their portable audio players as it becomes available. To save your unnecessary time and effort that needs to be invested… Read More »

TinyMCE Text Editor Alternative for WordPress

The default WordPress editor has two views one is the Visual and another is Text. Visual editor lets you add basic functionalities or effects to your content without having to touch any code whereas Text editor shows the code generated for the effects you applied on content from Visual editor. Text editor is user friendly… Read More »

How to Edit Articles Directly from Front-end in WordPress

There are times when you are referring some content of your site and you found some mistake or something missing for it. During such time you need to login to the back-end, make the changes and see it on the front-end. This indeed becomes time consuming at times. It can also happen that you have… Read More »

How to Implement Cache on Product Documentation Page

One of the best way to provide with good customer service to the clients is by offering them all that they require from a product before actually the query arises. This is possible only if you provide with the good documentation for your product so that all their queries get sorted out easily by referring to… Read More »

Which is Better? Google XML Sitemaps or Yoast SEO

Sitemaps is a way to inform search engines about pages on their sites that are available for crawling. The first thing that comes in our mind when we talk about sitemap is web page with links on it. It can be considered as a roadmap for the crawlers and list of pages on a website… Read More »

How to Exclude Selected JS and CSS files from Minification

The speed of a particular website can be easily determined by its Server Response Time and also the page load speed. The best way to measure how fast the content loads on your page is through the Page Speed. There are various ways through which one can easily increase the page speed. Other search engines and… Read More »