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I spend most of my time around WordPress and related plugins. It is almost impossible to resist myself from sharing good tips, tutorials and updates related to the platform. After all, I am a blogger by passion.

WordPress Plugin to Help You Write Long Articles

It is recommended to write long and details articles with in-depth research and dense keywords. Of course quality matters but quantity does also play an important role. It is highlighted at so many places that Google and other search engines also like detailed articles rather than just short piece of content. Search Engine Land created […]

Escape Shortcode and Display as Syntax on Page or Post

WordPress comes with so many shortcodes to execute defined functions inside a page or post content area. but while writing a tutorial or documenting a WordPress product, we need to show the syntax of a shortcode and at that time, we do not want to execute that shortcode over there. Using image to show the […]

How to replace WordPress Search with Google Custom Search

WordPress Search functionality needs many improvements but we can’t blame that as its developers are not search engine experts. For complete search results based on everything indexed and served as per the typed keyword, it is recommended to use Google Custom Search. It is a product of search giant so there is no question of its […]

Download Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme before official release

We have posted the first look of Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme which is very colourful and refreshing. Apart from being responsive and a designer theme, it is really fast. The theme is not officially released yet on but you can checkout the demo on this page. If you want to download and use Twenty Thirteen theme […]

First Look of Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme – Bold and Beautiful

WordPress team releases a bundled theme every year. After Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve, now they have introduced ‘Twenty Thirteen‘ WordPress theme. In every bundled theme, WordPress team tried to improve the layout and features but till now all three theme were having a common thing and that was minimal layout with more-n-more […]