How to get Access Token for Instagram new API

Instagram rolled out new API with almost similar endpoints but different way to get the Client ID and Access Token. In one of my projects, a user can show his most recent Instagram pictures on her website. I was using code similar to below to fetch the user id and then the recent media images… Read More »

Debug wpdb database queries in a WordPress Plugin or Theme

Today one of my own developed plugin stopped working! It was doing a very basic job of collecting some data from users and inserting it into a WordPress database and finally sending the response email to the user as well as the site admin about the successful transaction. As it stopped functioning, I had to… Read More »

How to add CAPTCHA on Checkout page of Easy Digital Downloads

The market of Ecommerce has grown up vastly during the last few years. People can sit at home and buy any product from any brand directly on few clicks. WordPress CMS is too growing rigorously from some years with the wide range of WooCommerce themes and plugins available for selling products online. Along with WooCommerce… Read More »

11 Heatmap WordPress Plugins to Track Visitor’s Behavior

Getting traffic on a website is important as it helps in generating revenue via Ads or in case of eCommerce sites, it helps in generating more sales. But once you have traffic, the next important step is to track the activity done by those visitors. If you can track the activities such as clicked links,… Read More »

10 WordPress Plugins to Make Podcasts Easy

Podcasting is distributing audio or video content via RSS 2.0, or Atom. Podcast clients such as iTunes, Juice, or CastPodder (linux) allow listeners to subscribe to your RSS/Atom feed and automatically download your content to their portable audio players as it becomes available. To save your unnecessary time and effort that needs to be invested… Read More »

TinyMCE Text Editor Alternative for WordPress

The default WordPress editor has two views one is the Visual and another is Text. Visual editor lets you add basic functionalities or effects to your content without having to touch any code whereas Text editor shows the code generated for the effects you applied on content from Visual editor. Text editor is user friendly… Read More »

How to add 2-Step Authentication in WordPress using Free Plugins

On installing WordPress for your website you get a default password with the option to change it to more stronger password of your choice. Passwords are the de-facto standard for logging in on the web but can be easily broken now a days. Even if you create strong passwords and change them regularly, but for easy access and… Read More »