SVN Client downloading Twenty Thirteen Theme WordPress

Download Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme before official release

We have posted the first look of Twenty Thirteen WordPress theme which is very colourful and refreshing. Apart from being responsive and a designer theme, it is really fast. The theme is not officially released yet on but you can checkout the demo on this page. If you want to download...
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First Look of Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme – Bold and Beautiful

WordPress team releases a bundled theme every year. After Twenty Ten, Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve, now they have introduced ‘Twenty Thirteen‘ WordPress theme. In every bundled theme, WordPress team tried to improve the layout and features but till now all three theme were having a common...
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Scheduled backup for WordPress Sites

10 Super Plugins to Take Scheduled Backups of WordPress Posts, Images and Database

Whether you use WordPress CMS for personal or professional blogging, eCommerce portal, news or magazine columns, it is very important to take backups. To avoid any accidental damage or data wipe-out because of some unwanted operations on hosting server, you should take backups of all data including...
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SVN download WordPress Theme

Download and Install Any Theme on Self Hosted WordPress of .org is the free blogging platform where you do not need to worry about the hosting and server maintenance, and it is free. But at the same time, you do not have permission to install plugins which is there in self hosted WordPress (read full comparison). You can install free or premium themes...
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WordPress and Facebook came together with a Plugin to Make your Blog more Social

Few folks from Facebook and WordPress has come up with a plugin for self hosted WordPress platform to let you easily spread your words on the most used social networking platform. It was already happening by other means like comment platforms such as Disqus, Livefyre etc. Or Social Plugin of WordPress...
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It Becomes Easy to Embed Tweets in WordPress Posts, WordPress 3.4 Released

Finally, WordPress 3.4 is released with new features like Theme Previewer and Customizer, Media Library as Header Image source, better image caption which includes HTML support. Apart from other performance improvements and bug fixes, WordPress 3.4 is having Tweet Embed support which enables you to embed...
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WordPress 3.4 brings Theme Previewer and Customization

WordPress as a blogging platform is really good to share thoughts, tips and experiences. At the same time, the setup and customization options in self hosted WordPress is getting better and better everyday. With the latest beta release of WordPress 3.4, you get in-built option to customize the theme...
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Solution for Old WordPress Installation Not Allowing sub-directories in Network

Few days ago, I was trying to enable WordPress Network (Multisite) feature on one of my old WordPress site as WordPress 3.0 and above are having inbuilt (but hidden) Network feature. When I started that site, there was no need to have multiple sites with their own dashboard, posts, pages etc. but later...
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Create Colorful Surveys and Polls on WordPress with Colored Vote Polls Plugin

WordPress has won so many awards for being the most favorite Content Management System (CMS). Now a days, people are using WordPress platform as an e-commerce site, online journalism platform, as a Wiki, to showcase real estate portfolio and many more purposes. And of course it is the most recommended...
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Really Cool Flyout Menu of WordPress 3.3, Space and Time Saver

WordPress 3.3 has been released and it is having lot many new features. One of them is the flyout menu which is really helpful as you don’t need to open each segment on Dashboard to see content inside that main menu. For example, if you want to edit your theme, you just need to hover your mouse on...
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