WordPress Plugin to Help You Write Long Articles

It is recommended to write long and details articles with in-depth research and dense keywords. Of course quality matters but quantity does also play an important role. It is highlighted at so many places that Google and other search engines also like detailed articles rather than just short piece of content. Search Engine Land created […]

Restrict IP Addresses to Login on WordPress Dashboard

WordPress is the most popular CMS now and more than 22% sites run on WordPress. These numbers matter to hackers as well because they always try to hack the popular platforms. To avoid such hacking and create a shield around your WordPress dashboard, you can choose to ban or restrict selected IP addresses. Using server […]

How to Fix Allowed Memory Size Exhausted Error in WordPress

While working on WordPress, the most common issue is a PHP Fatal error regarding the allowed memory size of xxxxxxx bytes exhausted visible by any debugging tool. This error is reported by PHP when a PHP file is processing too much load than the set limit. There must be lots of plugins active or the theme you are using […]

Add Poster Image to YouTube, Vimeo Videos in WordPress

Whenever we embed a YouTube, Vimeo or Self Hosted  video in our post/page, then by default it shows one of the frame of video as its poster image or the frame image. After embedding a chromeless YouTube video, now what if we want to replace the frame image with our own poster image? Well, with WordPress 3.9 its […]

Escape Shortcode and Display as Syntax on Page or Post

WordPress comes with so many shortcodes to execute defined functions inside a page or post content area. but while writing a tutorial or documenting a WordPress product, we need to show the syntax of a shortcode and at that time, we do not want to execute that shortcode over there. Using image to show the […]

Auto Deactivate a Plugin on Another Plugin Activation

It is sometimes needed to deactivate a certain plugin while your plugin is being activated. The reason for it can be anything, like if two plugins are incompatible or if you are providing premium version of a free or lite plugin. So while activating the premium version you can automatically deactivate the free or lite version in the activation hook of the premium plugin.

Review – Tweet Old Post WordPress Plugin

For a blogger it is very important to get maximum hits on his posts & acquire more traffic through all the possible ways. A blogger writes an article everyday. Some articles become popular while some get very average response. The posts having low responses seems to be dead! If you want to promote your posts […]

Review – Dashboard Editorial Calendar For Better Posts Management

If you are looking for a plugin that will help you to schedule your blog posts, manage, pre-plan your blog for next few days or weeks, then Editorial Calender WordPress plugin will serve your requirements. Because Writing comes to many of us in waves. That’s ok — keep writing about what inspires you. Then use your editorial […]